Anupama [4th August 2022] Written Update

Anupama [4th August 2022] Written Update on

Kinjal reveals in the episode that aired today that she and Kavya understood Anupama, but she is perplexed as to how Pakhi and Paritosh were unable to recognise Anupama as their mother’s biological child. She inquires as to when Pakhi and Paritosh will begin to comprehend Anupama by asking them this question. Kavya continues by saying that they are incapable of comprehending anything. As punishment for Pakhi and Paritosh’s disrespectful behaviour toward Anupama, Kinjal and Kavya beat them both up. Kinjal tells Pakhi and Paritosh that they will both come to regret their decision one day and that they will yearn for Anupama’s love despite the fact that they will never receive it. Kavya asks Kinjal to calm. She invites her into her room and tells her to get comfortable. Kavya is given the reassurance by Kinjal that everything is going to be alright.

Kavya intervenes just as Vanraj is about to leave, preventing him from leaving. Kavya claims that she hasn’t reached the end of her speech yet. Anu and her two children, Anupama and Anuj, hang out with Anu. Pakhi has tears in her eyes. She becomes aware of her behaviour toward Anupama and comes to the conclusion that it was inappropriate. Kavya is given the instruction by Vanraj to finish what she was saying. Kavya claims that she has never stopped wishing that she could be like Anupama, but that she is grateful that she is not. It is a source of regret to her that Anupama’s own children treated her with such disrespect.

Kavya asserts that the Shahs will never value Anupama, despite the fact that she contributes significantly to the family. She claims that because Anupama’s efforts were not appreciated after all that she had done for the house, there is no point in anyone else contributing to the upkeep of the property. Kavya has stated that beginning immediately, she will not put up with any teasing from the other people living in the house and will continue to live according to her terms. She continues by saying that she will not engage in conversation with anyone who makes an attempt to obstruct her path, but that she will instead give a response that is appropriate to the situation. Kinjal feels proud.

Anupama inquires of Pakhi as to whether or not she is hurt. Pakhi dream Anupama is around. Pakhi has a dream in which her friend Anupama tells her that she will never leave her side. Pakhi is brought back to reality when she experiences a fall and begins to cry for Anupama.

Anupama thought back to the insult she received. Anuj tells Anupama that he does not intend to interfere with her personal relationships, but that Shah has exceeded their tolerance level. He continued by saying that he was unable to allow her to endure any further insult. Anuj claims that it belonged to Shah, so he kept quiet about the matter; otherwise, he would have set it ablaze as a sign of his disrespect for her had it been a piece of worldly property. Anuj tells Anupama that he can’t imagine her going to a place where her worth isn’t recognised because he doesn’t want to see her unhappy. Anuj was given the assurance by Anupama that she would not return to the Shah home. Anuj has stated that she is ready to leave whenever they may require her assistance. Anupama has stated that she will only go to visit the Shahs if they contact her. Anu confronts Sara with the question of how Anupama came to be considered her idol. In their conversation, Sara explains why Anupama is someone who should be idolised. According to Anuj, Anupama has garnered the support of another individual. Anupama hugs Anu and Sara.

Vanraj checks upon Pakhi. Pakhi comes to feel guilty about what she did and makes the decision to apologise to Anupama. Vanraj believes that once Pakhi has apologised to Anupama, the Kapdias will begin visiting their home. Anupama is Pakhi’s sister. Pakhi’s attempt to apologise to Anupama is successfully thwarted by him. [Episode Ends]


In summary, Anupama is the one who tends to Anuj while he is paralysed. She thought back to the insult that she had given.

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