Anupama [5th August 2022] Written Update

Anupama [5th August 2022] Written Update on

In today’s segment, Anupama inquires of Anu regarding Rakshabandhan preparations, inquiring whether or not she made them. Anu reveals to Anupama that she learned how to make Rakshabandhan while living at the orphanage. Anuj has mentioned that they will be sending Rakhi. Anu has stated that they will prepare Rakhi for all of the people, including the Shahs. She promises that she will also adorn Anuj and Anupama with rakhis. The question “why” is posed by Anuj. Anu reports that Hasmuk told her that Rakhi is tied to the one who guards us, and that is why she will tie it to them as well. She inquires of Anupama regarding the Shahs’ attendance at the Rakhi celebration and whether or not they will be there. Anupama deflects the conversation by stating that it will be her first festival at the house and that they will celebrate it in a grand manner.

Pakhi is at risk of falling into a state of depression, so Vanraj asks her family to hold a Rakhi celebration as a distraction for her. He requests Shahs to refrain from discussing the events that have already taken place. Leela side Vanraj. Anuj and Anupama pray to God along with Kapadia. In honour of Rakshabandhan, they donned their finest attire. Shahs pray to God too. Salutations to Lord Krishna, on behalf of Anu, Anuj, and Anupama Pakhi receives Vanraj’s backing and assistance. Barkha gets anxiety.

Ankush inquires about the things that Barkha is finding stressful. According to Barkha, she is incredibly anxious about the announcement that Anuj is going to make. Ankush implores Barkha to take a deep breath and remain calm. He hoped that Anuj and Anupama would experience the greatest joy in their lives today so that they could forget about the news that had been delivered. In the event that Anuj is unable to make an announcement today, Barkha says that he will do so on another day. According to Ankush, nobody has been able to look into the future. A conversation between Anukush and Barkha is overheard by Anuj.

Rakhi is a festival that is celebrated by Shahs. Kinjal, please hold off until Samar arrives. Samar’s train might be running behind schedule, according to Leela. Tears were shed by Dolly as she expressed her longing for Anupama. Vanraj tells Dolly that Anupama is a member of the Kapdia family. Pakhi feels terrible about severing Anupama’s ties to her family. She blames Vanraj for the fact that she was able to insult Anupama without him intervening. Vanraj sit stunned. Dolly decide to visit Anupama. Dolly is questioned by Vanraj regarding whether or not she has gone crazy. He claims that she has made up her mind to travel to Anuapma in spite of the fact that she is aware of everything. Dolly is comforted when Kavya explains that despite Anuj’s decision to bar Anupama’s entry, they are still welcome to visit later.

Anu inquires of Anupama and Anuj concerning the possibility of a visit from a member of the Shah household. She remains seated as she anticipates the arrival of Paritosh and Samar. Anuj approaches Anu with a request, asking her to fasten Rakhi to him in the event that Samar and Paritosh are occupied. A startling appearance is made by Samar. Everyone rejoices, including Anupama, Anu, and the rest. Samar dance. Anupama hugs Samar. Samar explains to Anupama that after learning about her disrespect, he flew straight to her residence. Samar receives praise from Sara for making such a grand entrance.

Anupama and Samar share a talk. The choice that Pakhi made troubles Samar. Anupama cries. She made the decision to enjoy the festival and not shed any tears. Anupama is praised by Samar. The Shahs find out from Anu that Samar has already been to see Anupama. During Rakhshabandhan, she extends invitations to the Shahs. The naivety of Anu captivated Kavya and won her heart. Kinjal and Kavya decide to visit Anupama. Vanraj made an attempt to put an end to Kinjal and Kavya’s relationship. It has been decided that Dolly, Hasmuk, and Jignesh will travel to Anupama’s home alongside Kavya and Kinjal. Vanraj stops Pakhi from going. [Episode Ends]


Anuj is unable to move on his own, so Anupama tends to his needs. She is adamant that she will nurse him back to health.

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