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Anupama 6th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s segment, Samar expresses his appreciation to Anuj for the financial support he has provided. Anuj requests that Samar maintain her composure. He requests that Samar keep their conversation private between the two of them. Anuj is told by Samar that he will get the money he loaned him back, plus interest. Samar is given the advice by Anuj to take the moment in stride and enjoy herself. The conversation that Anuj and Samar are having is overheard by Barkha. She believes that Anuj is going to provide funding for Anupama’s child, and that he is also about to make an announcement concerning her family. Concerned about what decision Anuj will make, Barkha expresses her anxiety.

Pakhi is thwarted in her attempts to visit Anupama because of Vanraj and Leela. According to him, she has already made a mistake, so he shouldn’t make any more mistakes himself. Leela continues by saying that Anupama will not greet her with open arms but that instead she will slap her. Pakhi succeeds in restraining herself.

Anupama and Anuj approach Anu and request that she bind Raksha to Samar because Pakhi could be waiting for him. Anu admits that she invited Hasmuk and other people without their knowledge or acknowledgment. It’s clear that she’s upset about it. Anupama and Anuj ask Anu not to be sorry. Anupama continues by saying that Anu would like to put an end to the fight. The door to the house is opened, and Hasmuk, Kinjal, Kavya, Jignesh, and Dolly come in. According to Hasmuk, Anu invited him, which is why he is currently in this location. When Anupama is confronted with her family, she experiences overwhelming feelings. Ankush and Adhik are informed by Barkha that the Shahs are strange because just the other day they were fighting each other, but now they are present. Ankush believes that Anuj will become less interested in the Shah family if they continue to visit their home.

Pakhi arrives at the Kapadia house in a manner that stuns everyone there. Anupama confronts Pakhi with the question of whether or not she insulted her previously, considering that the latter is currently present in order to finish their conversation. She orders Pakhi to also call Vanraj and Paritosh so that all three of them can be disrespectful to her simultaneously. Pakhi stand stunned. When Leela finds out that Vanraj has allowed Pakhi to see Anupama, she lashes out angrily at him. According to her, Pakhi travelled to see Adhik. Vanraj sit mum.

Pakhi was unable to enter the house despite Anu’s repeated requests to Anupama to do so. Anupama asks Pakhi to come. Pakhi expresses gratitude to Anupama for granting her request for exemption. Pakhi is urged by Anupama to snap out of her trance and rejoin the real world. Pakhi gets a piece of her mind from her after she lashes out at her for disrespecting her. According to Anupama, a mother should never take revenge for the death of her child. Her feelings start to get the better of her. Anupama has made the choice to continue celebrating the festival in spite of everything that has happened. Hasmuk and Dolly are on Anupama’s side. According to Anuj, they ought to party like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the festival to the fullest. He recommends that they stop worrying about the future and focus on the present.

The relationship between Anuj and Anupama fills Anuj with pride. According to Anupama, being a strict parent can have its benefits in certain circumstances. Both Adhik and Pakhi are communicating with one another through signals. When Leela finds out that Shah is going to visit Anupama, she becomes irritated. Vanraj sat there anxiously thinking that his family had abandoned him and gone to visit the Kapadias instead. Anupama along with Shah’s and Kapadia’s, celebrate Rakhshabandhan. When Anupama finally lays eyes on Bhavesh, she feels an overwhelming sense of joy. She performs for his brother in the form of dancing. The dream of Vanraj showed him and his family celebrating Rakshabandhan. Now, let’s return to the real world: Vanraj is under the impression that Anuj and Anupama stole his family, and as a result, they will both endure hardship. Concerned about what choice Anuj will make, Barkha and Ankush express their anxiety. Vanraj reports that everyone appears to be in good spirits now that Shah has returned home. He was upset that nobody seemed to be paying attention to him and Leela. Shah’s stand there in a state of astonishment. [Episode Ends]


Precap: Anuj slips into coma. Anuj is paralysed; it is Anupama’s responsibility to care for him.

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