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The episode start with:

Malvika having a conversation with Vanraj. Kavya tried to aid Malvika. Vanraj feels offended. Malvika tells Vanraj to calm down and acknowledge that Kavya is only trying to be of use to them. Anupama and Anuj visit Shah’s. Malvika inquires of Anupama concerning the means by which she can maintain her distance from the Shah residence. According to Jignesh, Anupama avoids becoming involved in the arguments that take place at the Shah house. Jignesh is prevented from continuing by Leela. Malvika shares with Anupama that when she refers to the Shahs as “sweet,” she means exactly that. She approaches Anuj and GK with the proposition of moving in with the Shah family. Kavya requests that Malvika invite over the neighbours to join them at the Shah house, which is being used as a hotel. Malvika asks Kavya to relax. Kavya indicates Anupama. Malvika is invited to follow Anupama to the office, where the two of them will also celebrate the New Year together. Malvika admits to Anupama and Anuj that she does not observe the New Year holiday, and both of them are aware of this fact. Anuj solicits the assistance of Malvika and Vanraj by asking them to accompany them to the office.

Kavya forces Anupama to accompany her to her confrontation with Kavya. She requests Anupama to take away Malvika. Malvika is not a child, as Anupama points out, thus it would be inappropriate for her to drag her to the office. Kavya believes that Vanraj will take advantage of Malvika’s position and influence. It is Anupama’s contention that Vanraj has become a different person. Kavya inquires of Anupama regarding whether or not she will be providing a guarantee for Vanraj. Anupama claims that she will continue to back Vanraj even if he engages in unethical behaviour, but that she will take a position against him in the event that this occurs. According to Kavya, it will be exciting to watch Anupama compete against Vanraj. Kavya should make certain changes to herself in the new year, according to the counsel that Anupama gives her.

Anuj and Vanraj are both taken aback when Malvika announces that Anuj will be representing the investors at today’s meeting at the office. Anuj requests Malvika to let Vanraj handle. Anuj has been tasked with giving the presentation after Malvika’s request. There, Kavya comes to the conclusion that she should organise a New Year’s party. Shahs feels his excitement level rising.

Here, Malvika acknowledges Anuj and Anupama. She offered an apology to Vanraj for taking the chance away from him to give the presentation instead of doing it herself. Vanraj claims that he is aware that he will not be taken seriously by anyone until he has achieved the level of success that Anuj has. In the future, Kavya will send out invitations to a New Year’s party to everyone. She came to the conclusion that Nandini would be the best person to assist her in planning the party. Malvika has decided that she is not going to attend the celebration.

Vanraj decide to become a prosperous man. Anupama comes to the conclusion that she should try to encourage Malvika to come to the party. Anuj says Malvika is adamant. Anupama affirms that she is going to give it a shot. Anuj adores Anupama. In a different context, Kavya gives Nandini the counsel that she should not marry Samar. The conversation between Kavya and Nandini is overheard by Samar. It causes him to lose his temper. Anuj shares with Anupama his optimistic outlook on the upcoming New Year, saying that he believes it will be a successful one.


Anupama is doing her best to persuade Malvika to come to the New Year’s celebration that is being held at the Shah residence. When Malvika witnesses a guy abusing his wife, she feels frightened and helpless.

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