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Anupama 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update on

In front of Vanraj, Leela confronts Kapadias in a rage. Vanraj claims Pakhi is a child who is enthralled by the opulence of the Kapadias. He claims Anupama ignores him despite his repeated warnings and accuses Adhik of manipulating Pakhi. When Anupama walks in, she says they both need to calmly talk to Sweety and inquires whether he is listening. Vanraj asserts that only he will act in his own interests. He already did, according to Anupama, and that made things worse. Adhik is told to ignore Pakhi by Barkha, who is on the other side. Pakhi’s age, according to Anupama, makes her prone to error. Invoking her as the “goddess of wisdom,” Vanraj requests that she share her knowledge at her home rather than here. Barkha’s attire is criticised by Leela. Anupama asserts that everyone has the right to wear whatever they choose and queries whether criticising someone’s derriere is her sanskar. Leela promises to do so.

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Vanraj requests that Anupama go back to their house, woo their spouse, and give him custody of their daughter. He cannot take away Anupama’s right to be a mother, she asserts. She no longer has the right, according to Vanraj, and should put an end to her intransigence right away. Pakhi, who is crying, is comforted by Kinjal. While Samar and Toshu enter, they question her for teaching when she was in error. Adhik is not the proper fit, according to Toshu. According to Pakhi, there was no need for Vanraj to stir up trouble and punish Adhik because she liked him. She requests Kinjal to rest in her chamber. Anupama is the link between the Shah and Kapadia families, and Vanraj warns her that if she tries to bring the two families together, he would cut off the link and forbid her from entering his home. According to Anupama, the connection is insurmountably strong.


Adhik is consoled by Anuj, who explains that everyone experiences this, even himself. Anuj only requests that Adhik put his profession and other responsibilities first. It took him 26 years to simply take Anupama’s number, he says, not like recent times in modern love where love and breakup happen instantaneously. He claims he is not requesting that he restrict his life; rather, he only wants him to go slowly and assess the issue first. Adhik claims that while he likes Pakhi, he doesn’t need to be romantically involved with her and that he would never engage in sexual activity with a lady only to pass the time. Since he and Pakhi are both his dear ones, Anuj cautions him not to even consider it and begs him to calm down and refrain from calling or texting Pakhi at this time. He worries about Anupama out of concern for Vanraj and Leela’s charges and believes his tigress would take care of it on her own.


Vanraj is informed by Anupama that she owns the house and that no one can prevent her from seeing her maika. Leela advises her to do so, but to restrain her in-laws because Barkha previously shoved Kinjal. Anupama claims it was a mistake. Adhik, according to Leela, is purposely manipulating Pakhi. Vanraj claims that Anupama was unaware that Adhik was entangling Pakhi under her nose. Adhik is Pakhi’s age, thus Kavya requests that he refrain from using that language. Toshu claims that Pakhi shouldn’t be with Adhik. Kavya requests that they resolve the conflict amicably, as is appropriate for their age, rather than engaging in traditional brother-and-father conflict. She requests that Anupama and Vanraj make a choice. According to Vanraj, Anupama will keep the Kapadias and Shahs apart. Anupama claims Pakhi has turned on her father and is losing her mind with rage; if Adhik tries to stop her, Pakhi will confront him and speak to her gently. Vanraj advises her to put her cousin under control and ignore Pakhi. Anupama claims that his rage will make everything worse.


Pakhi tells Adhik during their video chat that parents set various rules for themselves and their kids. Adhik when parents have the financial means to send their daughter overseas for academic study but don’t want to send her away from the house and friendship. She may choose whether to follow her heart or her parents now that she is an adult, he says. Her family made a huge deal out of a tiny matter, he claims. They will continue to study, focus on their careers, and prioritise their relationship while sustaining it. Pakhi concurs. Adhik claims that by enrolling in an advanced course, they will be able to move to the United States and enrol in a reputable university; nobody else has any authority over their personal decisions. He tells her not to give up and cuts off the phone. Pakhi is overjoyed.


Anupama is once more asked by Vanraj to separate her maika and sasural. Anupama questions why he is working so hard to become her maika if Leela and Hasmukh are her maika and he represents the painful memories that torment her. Vanraj asserts that since no two people can coexist happily and her maika and sasural don’t visit each other’s homes, she shouldn’t attempt to bring them together. He comments that it’s excellent that both the husband and wife paid attention to his words when he observes Anuj listening to their chat. Pakhi and Adhik like one another, and according to Anuj, who claims to understand Vanraj’s predicament as the father of a girl, they should approach the situation coolly given how things have changed. Instead of launching into a lecture like his wife, Vanraj requests that he take his wife and depart.


Their good behaviour doesn’t guarantee that they will put up with his stupidity, so Anupama questions why he believes that every piece of advise is a lecture. Anuj advises them to treat their kids with kindness. Vanraj requests that he cease referring to his children as his children and requests that Anupama take her husband away from the situation. Anupama claims she went to her father’s house and not his and that she won’t always pay attention to his ranting. She requests that Anuj hold off till she checks on Sweety. E nods in agreement and moves aside.


In front of Ankush, Barkha screams in fear that Adhik has become insane out of love for Pakhi. Ankush claims Adhik simply enjoys Pakhi. He will fall in love soon, according to Barkha, who does not want him to marry Anupama’s daughter. She is compounding the issue, according to Ankush. Rakhi, Barkha claims he is joking around. The Shah family is dramatic, and Dave was right that she cannot manage Anupama and will lose her mind if her daughter enters. She requests that he tell Adhik to put his job first and look for a suitable family girl rather than Shah’s. Adhik concurs.


Entering Pakhi’s chamber is Anupama. Pakhi claims that she won’t hand over her phone and that she came to persuade her that Adhik is the wrong choice for her. Anupama claims she didn’t come to persuade her but rather to learn how her kid is doing. Adhik is a good boy, adds Pakhi as she gives her a hug. Anupama sings a lullaby to soothe her and put her to sleep. Vanraj is warned by Leela that Anuj and Anupama won’t start the fire but will spread it, therefore they should take action before their home burns down.


Anuj informs Anupama that he has no authority to talk when it comes to her children. Pakhi is informed by Vanraj that she is not permitted to maintain any ties to Anupama’s family. Adhik is questioned by Anupama about whether he took Pakhi to a room only to tell her that he likes her or whether he had other motives.

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