Anupama [7th September 2022] Written Update

Anupama 7th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

 Anu expresses to Anuj her desire to become acquainted with the newborn as well. Anuj assures Anu. Anupama is the one he asks to initiate a video call with Kinjal. Kinjal receives a phone call from Anupama, who relays the message that Anuj wishes to speak with her. Anuj entertains Kinjal and the infant by reading them poetry. He extends his sincerest condolences to Kinjal for not being in a position to meet her. Kinjal reveals that she, too, has come to regret that she did not bring the infant with her when she visited him. She provides information of earning her discharge and going to see the Shahs.

Kinjal receives a promise from Anuj, who also informs her that he will see her soon. In addition to this, he requests that Anupama travel to the Shahs’ residence while accompanying Anu. Anupama unwilling to leave Anuj. Anuj assures Anupama that he is healthy and recommends that she pay a visit to the Shahs. Because he misses both Anu and Anupama terribly, he pleads with Anupama to return as soon as she can.

Anupama prayed to God to bestow upon her the fortitude necessary to successfully juggle her responsibilities to her two families. The Shahs are really thrilled for the arrival of the kid. Vanraj makes the decision to travel to Kinjal’s location and bring her back to his house. Leela, please hold tight until Anupama arrives. She claims that she urged Anupama to arrive earlier than scheduled. According to Hasmuk, Anupama also possesses a husband and a daughter. Kavya inquires of Leela concerning the outstanding job that needs to be completed. Kavya was made to feel inferior by Leela’s assertion that she was incapable of accomplishing the same things as Anupama.

Anuj encourages Anupama to go, saying that he will wait for her to return soon. Anupama assures Anuj. She goes on to tell Barkha and Ankush that Anuj will occasionally forget things and asks them not to remind him of things that aren’t essential to the conversation. Barkha inquires of Ankush concerning the possibility that Anuj has forgotten what it is that they have accomplished. Ankush cautions Barkha to cease dwelling on irrelevant details.

The dream that Anupama had was that Anuj would accompany her to the Shah mansion. Back in the real world, Anupama sent a prayer to God, asking him to watch over her son Anuj while she was away. Kinjal is getting very thrilled about returning to his home. When Paritosh arrived, Rakhi turned her gaze toward him. Pakhi demonstrates the ornamental piece to Adhik. Anupama arrives, and upon seeing the decoration, she feels an overwhelming sense of joy. Leela tease Anupama for coming late. Leela is asked by Anu to refrain from reprimanding Anupama because Anuj was not feeling well.

Anu is taken along with Hasmuk in this adventure. Anupama should be responsible for the work. Leela urges Anupama to keep Anu away from baby. Leela hears from Anupama that she places the same amount of importance on both Anu and the baby that Kinjal is carrying. Following their visit to the hospital, Vanraj, along with Rakhi and Paritosh, travel outside. Rakhi has made the decision to drive Kinjal and the baby to their destination.

Both Dolly and Meenu are filled with joy in anticipation of the arrival of the kid. Anu has expressed a desire to put her finger on the baby’s cheek. Leela requests that Anu maintain some space between herself and the infant. Anupama feels upset. In the next few moments, Kinjal, Paritosh, Vanraj, the baby, and Rakhi will arrive back at home. The Shahs are really excited to meet their new addition.


Rakhi was able to expose Paritosh. When Anupama discovers that Paritosh has been unfaithful to Kinjal, she smacks him. Anupama is the one who Paritosh asks to realise that he was with another girl to get his need met because Kinjal was pregnant. Anupama is the one who Paritosh begs to comprehend this. According to Anupama, it is going to be challenging to be honest with Kinjal.

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