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Anupama 8th August 2022 Written Update on

In the episode that airs today, Anuj tells Anupama that Anu slept because she was exhausted. He explains that if Anu had not called Hasmuk, it is possible that both of their families would not now be together. Anupama is grateful to Anuj for including the Shahs in the puja that they are hosting. According to Anuj, they need to establish some parameters for both families. Pakhi overhears Vanraj telling someone that he believes she has once again become a good daughter. He claims that he went through Pakhi’s social media accounts and stalked her. Hasmuk confronts Vanraj with the question of why he is causing offence, given that Anupama was visited by his family. According to Vanraj, Anupama has a habit of portraying him in a negative light to others. He goes on to say that since Anuj and Anupama stole his family away from him, he wishes for their happiness to be ruined because he no longer has them. He hoped that Anuj and Anupama would come to harm.

Anupama claims that nobody will ever be able to take away her joy. Anuj and Anu are cured of the evil eye thanks to her. Anuj wish Anu gets a good upbringing like Anupama. According to Anupama, she hopes that Anu will maintain her groundedness just like him. Vanraj claims that he is always falling short of Anupama and Anuj in whatever endeavour he undertakes. Hasmuk claims that he made the decision to be by himself and that he cannot hold Anuj and Anupama accountable for doing the same thing because it was his own choice. He makes the announcement that they will pay Anuj’s invitation to the temple a visit. Hasmuk has stated that anyone who is interested in accompanying him is welcome to do so. Kavya inquires as to the cause of Vanraj’s obstinacy. It seems that Vanraj is unable to support Anuj. He claims that he is so furious with him that he has no idea what he will do if Anuj comes in front of him because he is so angry with him. Leela and Kavya stand stunned.

Anuj inquires of Anupama regarding her level of exhaustion and whether or not she requires his assistance. The best of luck to Anuj, Anupama hopes. Leela admonishes Vanraj to be less obstinate and to not give in to the temptations of the night. Leela overhears Vanraj telling him that he will not allow night to win and that he will soon fix everything. Leela sat there bewildered.

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, Anupama expresses her gratitude to Anuj for keeping his choice a secret. Anuj claims that he had no intention of ruining the celebration. Vanraj considers Anuj to be the cause of the chaos in his life. Hasmuk has a conversation with Leela, during which he expresses his concern that Vanraj’s anger may lead him to do something harmful. Vanraj decide to execute his plan.

The people of Anuj come to the conclusion that they should avoid the Shahs, as well as Barkha and Ankush. Additionally, he insists that Anupama dress in a presentable manner. Anupama says upcoming puja is important. Vanraj message Anuj to meet him after puja. Anuj decide to hide Vanraj’s message from Anupama. It was decided by Vanraj that he would get his revenge on Anuj. Ankush comes to the conclusion that they need to take action before Anuj sends them on their way. It appears that he is experiencing regret. Anu gets assistance from Anuj as she prepares. By dancing for him, Anupama plans to throw Anuj a pleasant surprise party.

At the temple, both Shahs and Kapadias can be found mingling together. They are presently awaiting Anuj and Anupama’s arrival. Anupama and Anuj pray to God. It seems as though her nerves are frayed. Anuj console Anupama. Anuj and Anupama visit temple. Maan is lauded by the Shahs. Anuj and Anupama both have no idea that Vanraj is watching them. Puja is something that Anuj and Anupama do together. Kavya wait for Vanraj. Anupama stop Anuj from meeting Vanraj. Anuj manages to convince Anupama. He goes to meet Vanraj. [Episode Ends]


A quick recap: an accident happens involving Vanraj and Anuj. Both Kavya and Anupama are seen crying over Vanraj and Anuj.

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