Anupama 9th September 2022 Written Update

Anupama 9th September 2022 Written Update On

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Anupama hangs a doll at the cradle that the baby is sleeping in. Anu aids Anupama. Anu is cautioned by Leela to exercise caution. The doll is quite attractive to Kinjal. The doll is lauded by Rakhi as well. Kinjal asks Anupama if she made it. According to Anupama, Anuj was of assistance to her. Anu says this, and at the same time, she is assisting in the doll’s hanging. Anupama continues by saying that an infant’s entire world centres on their mother. Samar predicts that this will be a disappointing development for baby’s social life. Samar is asked by Anupama to refrain from disrupting the conversation. She claims that because babies can’t become a part of an elder’s life for a few months, therefore seniors will put their belongings around the baby to reassure her that they are with her. Samar decorates the crib by attaching a stuffed animal to the side of it. There are Shahs who will decorate the cradle for the baby by hanging their most treasured possessions from it. The photograph was taken by Anu.

Anuj finds Anupama note. Anupama requested that Anuj review the files once more. Praise is heaped upon Anuj, and he expresses gratitude to God for bringing Anupama into his life. Even though she has a lot on her plate, Anupama is still able to run the workplace. He thinks this is one of Anupama’s many impressive qualities. Anu goes near baby. Leela asks Anu to remain away. Anu sobs and claims that Leela won’t even allow her to get close to the cradle, which is a worse punishment than when Leela wouldn’t let her hold the baby in her arms. She hugs Anupama. Leela implores Anu to hold back her tears, explaining that she was only trying to make Anu comprehend. Anu is admonished by Rakhi to suppress her tears.

Ankush and Barkha are curious about whether or not they have received a call from Anuj, so they ask him. Anuj approaches Ankush and requests that he retrieve certain office files for him. In addition to this, before he leaves, he requests that Ankush and Barkha shut the door behind him. Anuj requests that we gently close the door. Ankush gets annoyed. Ankush is urged to exercise patience by Barkha, who assures him that they will, in fact, emerge victorious in the end.

Rakhi has come to the conclusion that she must leave the location. Rakhi is questioned by both Kinjal and Leela about her impending departure. Rakhi has confirmed that she will attend the naming ceremony for the baby. As is customary, she inquires of Anupama regarding whether or not she will be present with Kinjal at the appropriate time. Rakhi is questioned by Anupama about the motivation behind her recent comments. Anupama is the one whom Rakhi requests to fulfil the vow. Anupama assures Rakhi.

The Shahs make additional decisions on the naming ceremony for the newborn. Kinjal is always in good hands with Paritosh. He believes that Rakhi has forgiven him for his actions. Leela makes it a point to remind Anupama to show up on time for the naming ceremony of the baby. Anupama has Vanraj’s gratitude for everything that she has done. In addition, he extends invitations to Anuj, Barkha, and Ankush to attend the naming ceremony for the newborn. Anupama passes Vanraj’s message. Anuj decide to visit Shahs. Hasmuk asks Leela why she keeps dominating Anupama. Leela explains that this is because Anupama is baby’s grandma, and as such, she also has responsibilities toward the child. Leela is admonished by Hasmuk to maintain an appropriate demeanour in the presence of Anupama.

Both Anuj and Anupama make themselves ready to visit the Shahs’ home. In the morning, Anupama is there to provide a hand to Anuj. Because of Anupama, Anuj’s temper flares. He asserts that she is making an effort to humiliate him by demonstrating that he is incapable. After offering her condolences to Anuj, Anupama breaks up with him. The fact that Anuj yelled at Anupama is something he now deeply regrets.


Rakhi reveals to Anupama and Vanraj that Paritosh has been having an affair with another woman. Anupama smacks Paritosh.

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