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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

At the beginning of the episode, Nick says that the old staff members can’t move anywhere. Pallavi claims that you can do whatever you want to hurt her, yet she would still go. Nick claims that I will take care of it. Pallavi is halted, and he tells her to simply calm down. She tells me that I am unable to do this, questions why I am doing this, and wonders why you have returned to our lives. He says things like, “I wanted to take this regional cuisine global, I’ve had this notion since before, you can comprehend anything, you work for me now, arrive on time,” and “you can understand anything.” Ajeeb dastaan…plays… Manna meets Ishaan. Ishaan says you are Barkha’s elder sister. It has been said by her that you are a tragic hero. I thought you loved Barkha a lot; you must be in a lot of pain. She believes that many drink to forget their sorrows. He inquires as to whether you have any knowledge regarding broken hearts. She claims that there are some people who are able to utterly shatter us, and that when that happens, I drink to forget the pain. She reaches for the table and adds, “Let’s do this the elegant way.” She appears to be smiling. He had his hand on hers. She tells me to forget about it. He tells me that I have a lot of love for Barkha and that I must not forget this.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing Pallavi. Maa said this never occurred before, Pallavi never gets late. Pallavi descends the stairs while concealing her face with a mask. Maa asks are you fine. The question that Gagan asks is, “What happened to you?” Pallavi says nothing. Ranveer comes to meet Pallavi. Even more so than he is astonished to see Pallavi. Manna argues that your mother isn’t a bad person because she protected you. According to Harsh, she is not our mother. When Bua arrived, she broke the disappointing news that Nick had purchased the hotel for Pallavi. Harsh says no. Manna has informed us that we can reunite with her. According to Bua, the two of you used to be able to withstand a lot, but not anymore. Even though Manna has expressed regret, nothing has changed.

Ranveer inquires about what is going on here. Pallavi tells him not to worry about it and to take a seat. She asserts that fresh individuals will carry out the duties. According to him, today is the first day, and you need to be there on time. She claims that I am familiar with how to interact with him because he is prompt. The timing is clear to her. Nick notices the time and reprimands one of his friends. Pallavi and Ranveer come. Pallavi irritates Nick. She requests water with lemon in it. She moves her position so that she is facing the fan. Her hair get loose. Nick thinks back on the time they shared. He claims that you are not allowed to have your hair down inside the restaurant. Lalita begs Pallavi to come. Lalita and Ranveer are tasked by Pallavi with deciding the cuisine alongside Nick. She requests that Nick drink some water with lemon. Ranveer wants to know what you are up to right now. According to Pallavi, I will be heading home. Nick mentioned that there will be an opening celebration tonight, but you can’t attend. She claims that you have a large number of restaurants, that you are capable of running the business without me, and that I am entitled to 30 days of paid leave. Nick gives the carpenter a reprimand. According to Nick, you did not mail the leave application to me; therefore, you should return to your previous duties. She acts like she has a headache. He tells you that he is aware of what you are doing. She maintains that there will be no loss of time. She will leave. He uses the impending legal proceeding as a threat to Ranveer. The chaat is consumed by Pallavi. Ranveer and Lalita head over there to talk to her. This chaat, according to Pallavi, is overly hot, just like my wife. She sheds a tear.

She believes that I am capable of overcoming any challenge. Lalita warns you not to deceive us, claiming that she is aware of the situation you are in and urging you to follow her. No, according to Pallavi, it’s really spicy. The cost of the chaat is covered by Pallavi. Ranveer feels awful for her. Nick has asked Shanky to compile a list of food critics for the guest list. According to Shanky, we should first let the restaurant get set up. Nick has stated that he hopes they would offer an impressive report. Shanky asserts, however, that Pallavi has left. Nick argues that I do not require her in any way. Shanky replies you mean you will let her go. Nick claims that if you watch how I improve the calibre of this restaurant, she will come running, and if she doesn’t, he will drag her to court.


Pallavi claims that he is able to run the business and demonstrate his skills to me. Nick is with Badal at the moment. When he sees them, Harsh becomes enraged. According to Gagan, I have some work to do with imps. Badal claims that someone is trying to frame me for this, and that all of the food has been spoiled.

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