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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

At the beginning of the episode, Nick had the idea, “I thought I heard her voice.” Pallavi confronts Badal, demanding to know whether or not he sold the test papers and whether or not Gagan was involved. He affixes a no sign. She claims that she trusts you the most and that I should ask you whether you were the one who did this. Maa requests Barkha to bring Bua some food, and Barkha agrees to do so. Pallavi stated that the discussion of marriage is not important to her, and Bua stated that we did not come here to eat but rather to talk about marriage, therefore we will be leaving. Barkha yells at them to halt their behaviour. They all get up and depart. Ishaan tells her not to be concerned about anything. Barkha starts crying about it. Nick wants to know if you are all right. She wants to know if you have children and if any of them have gotten married. He disagrees and adds that his daughter is engaged to be married. She recommends that you counsel her against getting married. After using the restroom, she re-emerges. When he sees her, he hands her a handkerchief as a gift. She offers her apologies. He assures me everything is fine and asks if your parents are present. She sheds a tear.

He claims that the mistakes made by your parents will be corrected. She claims that I am their mistake, that my father doesn’t love me, that my mother abandoned me, and that she ended the chapter of my marriage. She may have a problem, according to him, but it’s hard for parents to tell sometimes. She apologises for taking up your time in this manner. He assures me that there is no problem at all and that you are OK. It is confirmed by her. He sees Maa and smiles. Maa goes in the direction of the kitchen. Shanky appears and announces that we will proceed. Maa asks Ranjeet to make lemon water. He inquires as to whether or not you have anything else. Nick recommends the chicken with chilli. When she sees him, she starts crying. Nick requests that you give us two minutes. He claims that you have not evolved. He hugs Maa.

Pallavi wants Badal to say something. Badal claims that I have made a mistake because I did not notice you struggle. She advises you against committing theft. He claims that it was Barkha’s imp day, and I wanted to assist Barkha by procuring some clothing for her. He receives a slap and a reprimand from Pallavi. She sheds a tear. She claims that you undermined all of my efforts. He promises that something like this won’t occur again. Maa believes that you are even more handsome now than you used to be. He prepares a spicy chicken dish for Maa. She claims that I informed her children that you are the only person who can prepare chilli chicken as good as you. According to him, Barkha sent a message asking about her marriage, how she is, and how she looks. She claims that she is just as obstinate as you. According to Barkha, I have no choice but to accompany Nani back home. Ranveer asserts that she is currently working with the new investor. Maa is approached by Barkha, who requests that she be driven home by her. Nick has now turned around and can see her. Thank you very much for preparing Nani’s meal, Barkha says. He thinks back to when she was younger. He is leaving. According to the principal, Badal’s name has been brought up in connection with this incident. According to Gagan, I have taken care of everything. Pallavi is adamant that Badal should be punished for his actions because they were wrong. Badal acknowledges that he was wrong. He is reprimanded by the principal. Barkha inquires about who he was and why he was preparing food for him. According to Maa, I know him, and she claims that he also knows her; she also claims that he prepared chilli chicken for her today. Barkha feels shocked. She claims that it indicates that he is my father. She runs after Nick. She observes him sobbing while he is seated there. She says Papa and hugs him.


Maa appears and observes the scene. Nick wants you to come with him and he will drive you home. Pallavi arrives home. Her neighbour is causing her trouble. Pallavi doesn’t answer. Gagan engages her in debate, accusing her of being self-centered. Badal urges Gagan to get quiet. He says mum doesn’t lie. If what Gagan says is true, then not only will your professional life be derailed, but so will Barkha’s marriage. He goes. She places a call to Barkha. Barkha is no longer connected. Nick claims that your mother is a seasoned pro when it comes to making things worse. Barkha thinks you can fix it. According to what he’s heard, your mother will make the choice for you. She claims that if you talk to Ishaan’s parents, they would be persuaded that it is acceptable, OK, let it be, divorces do happen, but why didn’t you meet us? She says that if you talk to Ishaan’s parents, then they will be persuaded that if you talk He requests for her to pay attention. The females in the neighbourhood chat about Barkha. Nick gets angry. Maa claims that you have caused pain to Barkha, and that she is already inconsolable as a result. Pallavi apologises and explains that there was a significant issue at Badal’s college and that she was powerless to resolve it. She says that we would go talk to Ishaan’s parents about the situation. Maa claims that people will tease each other forever, Pallavi will put up with all of this forever, and Barkha’s marriage ended. Nick questions who they are to say such things. Maa claims that they are society and asks if you can fix this problem. Nick says I can’t say. Maa claims that the choice you made was not reasonable, that it is influencing the choices made by the children, and that you should do something to help your daughter. He is leaving. I will talk to Ishaan’s parents, Pallavi promises, you just get ready to come, and I will take care of everything else. According to Bua, I didn’t see such a large family. According to Pallavi, they will comprehend what I am saying. The wait is almost over. Nick travels to Ishaan’s home and introduces himself as Nikhil Jaisingh, the father of Barkha.



Nick meets Pallavi. She yells at you and demands to know what you are doing in this location. He claims that Barkha wished for me to attend. She requests that he go immediately.

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