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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

Nick first makes contact with Ishaan and his family at the beginning of the episode. He claims that I arrived from the United States yesterday in order to attend the wedding of my daughter. Nick extends an invitation to Shanky. So many presents have been brought by Shanky and his servants. Ishaan’s mom and dad both sport a grin. Nick claims that you did not have any food and still came, so I prepared some food and brought it to them. Ishaan is the one he asks to get the plates. It has been said by Bua that you are the renowned chef Nick Jay. Nick has informed me that my family has relocated here, and that we plan to open a restaurant in this location. He encourages them to sample the dish. Through his charming conversation, he wins their approval. He bestows gifts upon them. Ishaan’s dad hugs him. Bua is curious about how he arrived so quickly. Additionally, Nick gives Bua a piece of jewellery. She claims that Pallavi did not tell us about you and that you have come to serve us in this capacity. Nick tells me that it is my responsibility to serve my daughter’s Sasural, that you should enjoy the food, that I can take an important call, and that I am allowed to go upstairs. He goes. Both Pallavi and Barkha will be there. Nick talks to Manna. Bua welcomes Pallavi. Pallavi is the one who provides the sweets. It is good that you came, according to Bua, because Barkha’s dad already has many sweets. Pallavi takes note of the presents. Ishaan greets Pallavi. He says Barkha, your dad has come.

Pallavi is present when the meal is served. Ishaan’s father has introduced himself as the family pandit, and he now wishes to speak with you. Nick has requested that you give me two minutes. When Manna learns the wedding date, she becomes very vocal. Her Bua tells her to take a deep breath and relax. She claims that even I am interested in finding out what is going on. Pallavi believes that perhaps they are mistaken, and that he will not be able to come here. Nick has descended the stairs. He is travelling with Ishaan’s father. Pallavi is instructed by Ishaan’s mother to ignore whatever transpired and to come take pictures of the event. Nick is the one who takes the photographs. There will be Pallavi there. Nick’s appearance has taken her by surprise. Nick sees her. They are representatives of the picture. They think back on their history. Pallavi requests to use the restroom and then leaves. She sheds a tear. Nick frequents that location. They begin to debate each other. She inquires as to the reason behind your reappearance in our lives. You ruined our marriage, spare the children, I can understand why she doesn’t want to stay with you, I wish I could take her, but you won’t let this happen, I have come here, now her marriage is fixed, no one will come between.

He says that Barkha wanted me to come and return her happiness; you were trying to break the marriage, and she wanted me to fix it; you ruined our marriage; you ruined our marriage; you ruined our marriage; you ruined our marriage; you He goes. Barkha is invited to join by Pallavi. According to Barkha, everything is going well today. Nick thinks that marriage will be wonderful. Pallavi claims that it won’t be difficult. According to Bua, Barkha’s dad has arrived, and since he owns a large number of restaurants, he can do whatever he pleases. Pallavi claims that we are divorced, that we are no longer together, that I am responsible for Barkha, and that the community hall is suitable for the engagement. Nick is stopped by Barkha. Ishaan says that we will share the responsibility with one another. According to Bua, you only have seven days to make the necessary arrangements. Pallavi says I will manage. Nick, Pallavi, and Barkha all decide to leave. Pallavi lets out a shout. Nick informed me that tomorrow I will be departing for the United States, so I should just chill out. Barkha comes along for the ride with Pallavi. She inquires about Nick’s arrival to Maa about how he got here. Maa claims that he has arrived for the wedding of his daughter. Pallavi claims that I do not require his assistance. Barkha claims that she needs him because her parents are difficult for a child. The arrival of Ranveer Maa asks him to look at what’s going on in the room. Barkha says you kept us away from our dad. According to Badal, our father did not miss us because he could have easily found out about us. She says, “but he is caring for us now. I don’t care why he did this. I will choose dad over mum because it is difficult to be with mum, and therefore dad had abandoned us.” Pallavi slaps her. She claims that there is no need for you to know anything. She sobs and then walks away.

Ranveer goes to talk to her. When Pallavi asked Barkha how he could come, Barkha told her that she needed his assistance. He tells you to calm down because he is leaving. Pallavi claims that he did come because of Barkha’s message, but she also claims that he came to insult her. He claims that you have a lot of hatred for him. She is very talkative. He insists that you must not forget about him. She claims that my hatred makes me stronger and that tomorrow will bring me another opportunity. Shanky is confused as to why you would want to go back now that Nandini is in Delhi. Nick says that Pallavi is obstinate, that I can’t stay here, that they are getting married now, and that you should withdraw 50 lakhs. He pulls out his phone and sends Barkha a message. Barkha is about to see Pallavi in her room. She looks at what Nick has to say. She exits the room.

Nick is expecting her at the hotel to meet him there. He makes fun of her. She says you had called Barkha. He confirms that he did call her at the coffee shop, that she is his daughter, and that you should avoid her. He claims that you have brought discord into the family, and Barkha asked me to come see him. She claims that you want to demonstrate that you are superior to me and that I am incapable. He claims that you are the attorney and the judge, that I will not allow you to ruin Barkha’s life, and that I will not leave until the matter is resolved. She argues that since you won’t agree, it’s fine; I’ll make the call. He requests that she leave. She screams at us to get out of our lives. She exits the room.


Manna mentioned that I ought to be aware that you are getting remarried. Conflict arises between Pallavi and Nick. Gagan and Manna argue. Pallavi meets Manna.

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