Apnapan (23 June 2022) Full Episode Written Update

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The first thing that happens in this episode is that Barkha reads Nick’s letter and notices the money in the bag. She keeps it a secret. Pallavi asks Barkha not to talk to Nick. Maa tells her to go get ready for the orders and follows her. Gagan looks on. In preparation for the wedding, Pallavi, Lalita, and Badal are hard at work in the kitchen. The hostess requests that Pallavi prepare additional Dahi wada because the guests are enjoying it so much. According to Pallavi, my daughter like it quite a bit as well. Badal claims Barkha doesn’t like it. Manna consumes the Dahi wada, after which she exclaims, “I love it.” She has a conversation with Nick and invites him to the party, stating that the food will be really delicious. She inquires as to whether or not we will give them the order for the wedding’s food. He inquires as to which wedding it is, where you are, and promises to pick you up at that location. She requests that he inquire with Bua. Shanky says you said Pallavi has warned you. Nick claims that I don’t give a damn. Gagan and his pal have started their journey. She warns you not to walk in uninvited to this party because the attendees are wealthy. Gagan assures me that because my mother is working so hard in the catering business, she won’t bother me about when I’ll be getting back home. She inquires whether you purchased these new garments with stolen money. Shanky and Nick travel to that location. Gagan tells her to leave and tells her to let him have fun.

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She notices the packet of money that has slipped out of his pocket. He requests that she back away from it. She ends up on the ground. Nick sees him and is under the impression that he is acting inappropriately. He punches Gagan in the face and then asks, “Did your parents teach you this?” According to Gagan, if their father had been present, he would have been an educator. Bitti claims we are excellent buddies, we were only joking. Nick is quite upset with them. Gagan says he is my dad. Nick makes his way into the party hall. He takes pictures of himself with various people. Pallavi can now be found in the kitchen. Nick decides to go and look for Manna. He sees Manna. He says lets leave. Manna claims that you acted like your father today because of the wedding, and because of that, you want to demonstrate that you are responsible by introducing me to your girlfriend. He wants to know who you heard about the wedding from. She claims that I should have been aware of your second marriage. He is surprised to hear that I will not be getting married. Bua shows there and inquires about what’s going on and what the deal is with the marriage. He says, “I’m not getting married; can we pack our things and get out of here?” Manna tells you to go since she has some close friends here. Pallavi sends Badal. The vial of manna is dropped. Pallavi lends a hand to her. Manna says that my father does not care about me, that my father moved here so that I would not be a burden on his second marriage, and that I drink in an effort to garner my father’s attention, but it is to no avail. The request to have water is made by Pallavi. She gives her a reprimand. Manna inquires as to whether or not you have any claim to me.

Pallavi claims that if it had been her daughter, she would have reprimanded her. She gives her dahi wada. Manna enjoys it. The Dahi wada is consumed by Nick. He recalls Pallavi. They are having a tender moment together. He has suggested that we call the children Dahi and wada when they are born. Pallavi inquires as to what she should do to you. He says lets make dahi wada. She is a runner. He raises her up. FB finishes. Pallavi is introduced to the other guests by the lady. When Bua went downstairs, she saw Pallavi waiting for her. Pallavi is taken aback by it. The lady claims that she knows me and that this is my buddy Nandita. Bua thinks the food is delicious and wants to know how you make it so well. Pallavi sees Nick. Nick is introduced by Bua. She offers her a tip, but at the same time she taunts her. Nick requests that Nandini refrain from doing this. According to him, the meal was delicious; may we leave now? Pallavi gives Shambu a call and tells him that he has put in a lot of effort in the kitchen.


She hands him the money that he requested. She will leave. Nick confronts you with the question, “Why did you make a scene? Let’s go find Manna.” Gagan can be seen hanging around with his girlfriend. She claims that if you declare you are Nick Jay’s kid, there is no reason for your mother to work in the catering industry because you are telling a lie. This is something that she divulges to all of her friends. Gagan claims that his mother does whatever she wants, that because he is Nick’s son, I have to live up to his expectations, that this jacket is worth 45,000 rupees but I got it for 21,000 rupees, and that the truth won’t change because I am Nick Jay’s son. Manna makes her way there and is able to hear him. She wants to know whether you are serious when you say that your mother is meeting my mother. On behalf of Nandini, Nick extends his sincere apologies, and he will be leaving tomorrow. You did what you wanted, Pallavi says; would you go and celebrate? Your family believes that you can buy anything with money. No, my family is my most valuable asset; I have serenity in my world, but you came to take it away. They have a disagreement.


Ajeeb dastaan…plays… He responds to the call of Manna and goes. According to Manna, “I told you about dad’s second marriage,” which means that he now has a completely new universe. Nick implores her to put an end to the drama. Manna argues. Wow, she exclaims, you really are the best parent of the year. She requests that he inquire about Gagan, whose father resides in a second house and has a second family here. Pallavi inquires of Gagan as to why he is in this location. Gagan says mummy… Nick sees Gagan. Pallavi sees Manna. I am Nick Jay’s daughter, and you are my father’s mistress, according to what Manna has told me. Welcome to our family, Manna says you are his mother. Nick puts a stop to it. Pallavi believes that you are not aware of what you are stating. Manna challenges her to reveal the truth to her. She advises that I should speak up now, but who is she? Pallavi says shut up. Manna inquires as to who you are to yell at her. Pallavi says your mom. Manna gets shocked.



Pallavi claims that you do not care that Manna was allegedly wandering around inebriated. Nandita claims that she exploits relationships in order to make money. Manna says you care a lot for me. Pallavi tears.

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