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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

At the beginning of the episode, Pallavi is thinking about little Manna. Manna claims that she does not recall your face, and that despite her father’s assertions, her mother is, in fact, still alive. The attendees engage in chatter. Manna inquires as to how her mother arrived. Wow, you guys are so brilliant, Lalita says; you should be investigators instead of fools. Pallavi beckons Badal to assist her with the packing of the suitcases. Nick sees Badal and Gagan. He is thinking of the things he spoke. He pursues Pallavi and confronts her with the question, “Why didn’t you inform me about our twins?” She claims that they are her children and wonders why Manna was not mentioned. He claims that I am capable of dealing with her, that you are unconcerned about the matter, and that you should consider why Barkha contacted me and why Barkha left the house. Don’t add to what she’s already said; she’s made her point. Badal has warned you that if you do not join us, you will become ill. Nick takes Manna. Gagan looks on. The two of them will leave. Pallavi and Badal also leave.


According to Gagan, both parents and Manna have been enjoying a satisfying lifestyle for many years. Barkha says Nani would know. After Barkha’s engagement celebration, according to Pallavi, we shall get together and discuss. Gagan inquires about the members of the party one by one. She will leave. He asks Nani to say. Nani has told you three that Manna is older than you, so have some patience and Pallavi will explain everything. Pallavi recalls Nick. She sheds a tear. She thinks back to Nick’s affair as well as the end of their relationship. She clings to Manna’s outfit from when she was a child. Harsh receives a message from Manna informing him that their mother is still alive and that they have further siblings. Nick inquires of Nandini the reason why she did not tell him about his twins. She claims that you do not have enough time for your kids. He says that I should feel terrible that we separated the children and that you had the ability to prevent me from making this decision. She tells you to pay Pallavi some money and then they want you to depart. Shanky claims that we have already transferred 50,000 rupees to her. She asks what it is, this is Pallavi, she is fantastic, she has always been chasing money, she can do anything for money, and she wonders what it is. Nick pens the word “no.” She affirms that she is able to think clearly, that she has worked as a gold miner, and that she is well aware of how to take advantage of family in order to amass wealth; consider this. According to Barkha, I’m going to go to the parlour. Nani encourages her to leave. She requests that Gagan shut the door for her. He asks did Barkha run away. Your grandmother has asked you to give this bag to your father. He is under the impression that I have taken money from this bag. He inquires as to what the requirement is. Nani warns not to make any mistakes with the money because if Pallavi finds out about it, it would become a major problem. I solemnly swear to you that he is saying fine. He makes a “cross” with his finger.

The topic of conversation revolves around Pallavi and Nick. Pallavi arrives home. The lady advises disregarding what they have to say. The visitor is interested in Nick. The woman explains that Nick is wealthy, so why is Pallavi having financial difficulties? Ishaan’s mother will be there to assist Pallavi with the wedding preparations. Pallavi invites her to have a seat, stating that she will retrieve the food. Ishaan’s Bua claims that my acquaintance informed her that Nick was present when Pallavi’s daughter was really intoxicated. Pallavi says Manna is Barkha’s daughter. Ishaan’s Bua confirms that the answer is yes, she was unique. There, Manna presents herself and begins the conversation. She inquires whether anyone is going to get married. Pallavi thinks you are still inebriated. Manna replies, “Why are you worried for me? I never had my mom, and I believed my mom was dead, but you are living. I wish I had never gotten the chance to know this, since you are a wound that can never heal.” Manna says you ruined my soul. Ishaan’s Bua interrupts. Manna claims Pallavi doesn’t care for me. Pallavi takes her along. Nick is patiently waiting for Manna. Gagan hands back the purse and explains that Barkha had requested that he do so. Nick puts a stop to him and apologises for raising his hand to him. Gagan tells him, “You can beat me, I’m your kid, you can say sorry for leaving us, 50,000 rupees is less, I bought party clothing, sorry that I took the money, I will return the money to you.” Gagan’s father is Gagan’s grandfather. He leaves. According to Nandita, Manna is not currently in her room. Nandita receives the monetary gift from Nick. He considers it his responsibility as a father. She is under the impression that Pallavi and her children are unable to join forces with us.



Manna hangs out with Pallavi and Barkha during her free time. Since Nick has entered our lives, Pallavi has the opinion that everything is deteriorating before her very eyes.

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