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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

The episode begins with Pallavi returning home in a depressed mood. The ladies from the surrounding homes go there to inquire about Gagan. Maa invites them to join her. Barkha inquires about Gagan’s whereabouts and responds, “I knew it, you can’t get him.” Pallavi asks, “Why did you change your mind about marrying Ishaan? I will get the greatest lawyer and assist him.” She is teased by Barkha. She claims that you ended the marriage with our father and wrecked our lives; she tells me not to question what I say because I learned how to end relationships from you; Gagan and I have issues because of you; Badal is the only one who is left. Badal defends Pallavi. Maa inquires of Nick whether or not he reported Gagan’s behaviour. Nick hands the complaint and the check over to Harsh, then asks him to return the complaint. The check is ripped in half by harsh. He assures me that the money will be returned. Nick wants to know how they plan to organise it.

Harsh claims that the children were split up between the two of you, and while I have no doubt that she will cope, I still want her to struggle. Nick claims that we were unable to do anything. According to Harsh, the arrangement of the children was more like a business transaction. I don’t like the commotion here; please bring my dinner to my room. Nick claims that you were aware of Harsh’s plans to visit India. I’m as surprised as you are, Bua says no. He goes. Pallavi is doing the counting of the money. Ranveer has stated that we will come up with something. She claims that she is unsure whether Gagan consumed any food or not, but that the attorney will be called. According to him, these cost savings are not sufficient to cover the attorney’s expenses. She approaches him with the request to sell her portion of the business. She suggests that you locate a buyer for the property so that you can pay for the attorney. He requests that she have some water. He instructs you to pay close attention to what I have to say. She inquires about the purchaser. He claims that because you are the one who built this restaurant from the ground up, you cannot sell your part. She suggests hiring the most qualified attorney possible, selling my stake, and keeping the proceeds.

She makes contact with the attorney. Ranveer is looking for a buyer at this time. Badal notices a boy at the school selling the examination papers to other students. Pallavi is asked by the lawyer to make the payment. Pallavi says give me some time. He tells me to take as much time as I need, but we should discuss after we figure out the finances. According to Harsh, there is nowhere to go sight seeing. According to Manna, you won’t be able to find New York in Meerut. He says you are still drinking. She claims that you made up the story that Gagan had stolen the money; explain why. He claims that everything is due to Pallavi’s actions.

He claims that he would never forgive Pallavi and that this is his method of getting retribution. Ishaan arrives at his house and is greeted by Barkha. He claims that we are capable of coming up with a solution on our own; he doesn’t regard my feelings. She tells him to leave since she will handle everything from here on out. Pallavi arrives home. She requests that Barkha have a conversation with him. Ishaan walks away.


Pallavi looks for jewels. According to Maa, you sold the chain in order to pay Badal’s costs. Maa tells her to eat because she can’t bear to watch her suffer any longer. Pallavi is seen sitting and sobbing. Maa says you are already accomplishing a lot. It is the morning, and Pallavi is mowing the grass. When she sees Manna, it causes her concern. Manna mentioned that she was interested in meeting you. Pallavi warns her not to consume too much liquid. Manna is invited inside by Pallavi so that they can have a conversation. Manna claims that Harsh’s intention all along was to frame Gagan for the theft so that he could take pleasure in watching you suffer as a result of it. Pallavi is grateful to her. Manna goes.


According to her, Harsh shouldn’t have any issues to deal with. According to Pallavi, the one who caused the problem should be the one to bear the consequences. After some time, she arrives at the police station. The inspector says that he will call Harsh, that it is fortunate that the matter will be closed, and to please sign the statement. She claims that I did not obtain the money, that Gagan did not steal the money, but that I did steal the money. Gagan yells at her to get her to stop. Because Pallavi claims that Gagan is her son, he is now in a catch-22 situation. The inspector inquires as to what you are saying. She is demanding that you arrest me and release him. He tells her to go back home and that he will wait for her to return with the necessary funds. She yells at him repeatedly. Lalita comes and stops Pallavi. Pallavi insists that her son should not be arrested because he did nothing wrong. The Inspector states that we are unable to proceed. Pallavi comes along for the ride with Lalita. She believes that this is not the way to be of assistance to Gagan. Manna claimed that Harsh planned everything, and I couldn’t put Harsh’s future at jeopardy, but I can at least save my children. Pallavi claims that there is no other choice; Gagan may be able to be rescued, but my other son will be in danger.



Pallavi says I will save you Gagan. She raises her voice to the personnel.

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