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Apnapan 22 June 2022 Episode Written Update: Nick Impress Family Of Ishaan’s

The first scene of the episode consists of Ranveer selling his part of the restaurant. Mishra claims that you are carrying all these actions for Pallavi. Ranveer signs the blank form and tells him to ask the buyer for fifty lakhs of rupees. Pallavi confronts Gagan and expresses her regrets. She claims that I ought to have trusted you in the past. Gagan claims that we have always been harmed as a result of your trust difficulties, questioning who told you what and why you came here in the first place. When Ranveer arrived, he informed Gagan that he had been granted bail, and that he could now return the 50,000 rupees to Harsh. Pallavi wants to know how my portion of the money become worth so much. The client offered us fifty lakhs, and at the time we needed it the most, Ranveer said, “I have sold my part also because the restaurant is nothing without you.” Gagan gets free. He storms off in a huff.

Nick is confronted by Harsh, who engages in debate with him. He claims that you freed Gagan, but the truth is that I wanted him to serve a lengthy sentence. Nick claims that you made a statement to the effect that you will retract the complaint once they have paid the fee. Harsh asserts that the situation will be resolved whenever I choose. Nick thinks back to the time when he was a child. Harsh is invited to accompany Nick by Pallavi. The answer is no, I’d rather stay with you, says Harsh. He sheds tears.

Believe Nick when he claims that Harsh won’t be able to get treated here. She claims that you betrayed my confidence and that Harsh will become more sicker if I separate myself from him. You are aware of the fact that he thinks I can provide a better life for Harsh and Manna. FB finishes. Pallavi tears. Gagan makes his way back home. Pallavi and Gagan are made fun of by their neighbours. The ladies are reprimanded in an irate tone by Gagan. According to Pallavi, my children aren’t spoiled because they know how to interact with other people. Everyone meets Gagan and is thrilled. Appnapan….plays…. Treadmill workouts that are really strenuous. Bua cautions him to calm down since too much speed is detrimental to his health. Harsh believes that speed is desirable, thus there is no need to worry about this. Bua thinks you talk like you mom. He claims that she is not my mother and that you should stop comparing me to her. She indoctrinates him with hatred for Pallavi. He gets angry. He claims that he will demonstrate both earnings and losses to her. Pallavi makes kheer for everyone. Gagan says I m not happy, don’t do this. Nani says that everyone in the family is glad that we are all together. Barkha appears and belittles him. Gagan claims that he will not forget the malicious individual. Pallavi says don’t tell him anything. Why is it, Barkha inquires, and is he also your relative? The answer given by Pallavi is that it is true; he is a member of my family and yours as well; in fact, he is my firstborn child and your older brother, Harsh. They are taken aback by it. Badal explains that this implies Nick has Manna and Harsh with him, and whether or not we will continue to function as a single family. Barkha wants to know what the new surname of the family will be. According to Pallavi, they will travel back. Gagan claims that your older son put me in jail; if this is true, please explain why it happened. They are all leaving. Pallavi tears.

Maa consoles Pallavi. Pallavi asks Nick why he came there to wreck things in the first place. Maa suggests that this may be a fresh start for the two of you. According to Pallavi, I need to find a new way for Barkha, and I need to correct it. Both Lalita and Pallavi are seen entering the establishment. I just can’t believe that Ranveer sold his portion as well, Lalita reportedly said. Pallavi claims that he has a significant stake, therefore in order to get him back, I will have to begin everything from beginning and work for ten years before I can restore everything. He has a contract that lasts for three years. They notice that Nick J is on board. Mishra is questioned by Pallavi about who said that the property belonged to Nick J. According to Mishra, Ranveer told him to sell it to anyone wants it, and that the buyer is Nick J, who is willing to pay any price. According to Pallavi, there won’t be any kind of arrangement. She was smothered by the falling signboard. Nick arrives just in time to save her.

Nick says to toss out all of the outdated items from this place since I do not want anything outdated here. Pallavi inquires as to what it is you wish to demonstrate. The arrival of Ranveer Nick claims that taking risks in business is normal practise, and I witnessed him signing a contract without reading it first. According to Pallavi, Ranveer had faith in you. Nick yells at a member of the staff. Pallavi inquires as to your motivation for engaging in this activity. He claims that your children have no faith in anyone, even you. She believes that it is a positive development and that their trust will not be abused by anyone. He inquires as to what action I took. She says do whatever, I m going. Nick claims that former employees will be working for me.


Pallavi has informed you that she will not work for you. She exits the room. Maa claims Pallavi never gets late. Downstairs, Pallavi can be found.

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