Apnapan [5th August 2022] Written Update

Apnapan 5th August 2022 written update on writtenlab.com

Written Episode and Written Update on writtenlab.com for the Apnapan 5th of August 2022 Show.

At the beginning of the episode, Ranveer can be heard saying, “I didn’t come here as an employee. I’m not a waiter. Manage your tone.” Nick recommends that you give Pallavi two pain relievers because she is suffering from a severe headache. He also suggests that you serve her paneer tikka because she stops eating when she is stressed, which causes her blood pressure to drop. Ranveer responds by saying, “Thank you for your concern; I will manage from now on, as Pallavi and I are getting married.” He suggests to Nick that he order the paneer tikka. He goes. Nick questions why I should let Ranveer’s words affect me if Pallavi has already made the decision to move on. I heard you, Lalita says; that’s good. Ranveer claims that he forgets that he is Pallavi’s former boyfriend, that he acts as if Pallavi is still his wife, that there is no reason for him to insult me, that he is jealous of him, and that Pallavi has the right to move on whether or not she chooses to. Lalita responds with, “Yes, you explained that to Nick very clearly; continue doing so.” Ranveer expects that I will make an effort. Nick is able to listen in.
Nick goes to Pallavi. She asks him to return home if he thinks she might not be feeling well. It’s finished, according to her. He extends an invitation to her to come and have a conversation with him. She leaves. It is the first hearing for the custody case, and Nick asks her to ask Rastogi and Ranveer to do anything they can. He says the hearing is today. He is quoted as saying, “I will use all of my power and contacts, I will not let you win this legal battle, my kids are mine, and they will stay with me,” which indicates that he intends to prevent you from prevailing. The notice is examined by her. He says that he won’t forget what you did for him, but he also won’t forget his children, and he won’t let you win this case. Pallavi cries. She claims that they are her children and that she has always cared for them and that she will continue to do so. She asks you to please understand what she means. He says that he does understand it, that they should also understand it, and that it is their choice.
Gagan and Badal will appear. Nick says, “I called you here, sorry, I wasn’t with you all these years, I didn’t know about you, there is a legal custody battle in the court, and as a father, I ask for one chance to prove that I’m a good father. I ask for one chance to prove that I am a good father.” They experience a shock. Nick is quoted as saying, “I hope you will give me a chance.” Pallavi will go there and cry. She believes that I am a mother, and that mothers are invincible. Barkha claims that you have made the decision to remain with your mother. Manna says yes. Gagan says I will join dad. They make their way to the tea stall. Gagan claims that I have no desire to reside in this area. Badal inquires, “Are we of no use to you?” Barkha has told us that we are free to choose with whom we wish to stay, and I’ve decided that I want to be with my father. Badal suggests that we investigate the root of their conflict and figure out why they filed for divorce. The answer from Manna is that it’s possible that the reason is no longer relevant. According to Gagan, there is no point in doing this, don’t think of their patchup, and they will give us anything we want; therefore, I will ask for a bike. Badal gives him a rebuke.
They engage in verbal conflict. According to Manna, we are going to go home and talk. Badal goes. While she sobs, Pallavi makes her way home. She is experiencing vertigo. She notices some of the neighbours outside. She witnesses a few men carrying the furniture outside. She orders them to cease their actions. Goon tries to stop her. When they get there, the children inquire as to what is going on. The word harsh is smiled upon. He claims that the police won’t be able to assist you in any way; instead, he recommends that you speak with me and let them do their job. Everyone finds themselves muddled. The goon is given the order by Harsh to keep the chair in place.
He is content to just sit there and smile. He asks me why I’m so shocked, saying that there is always some drama going on here and that you were aware that I had come with a purpose. Gagan asks did you know. Manna asks why you descended to such a low level. When you were young, I was there, and there was no one to handle me. She ought to understand why I hate her so much because she is just like Pallavi, who says yes, too low. Nani slaps him.
You were hurt, but I like it and I wanted it that way. Harsh says. Badal takes his frustration out on the flour ball. Nick will be there. He claims that you are using it as an outlet for your anger, and yet you are here when I thought I would be sitting here alone. Your mother was a model employee in this role. Badal says that you loved her a lot, and I can see that you did. Tell me what happened so that you had to get a divorce, and tell me who Sonali is. Nick is anxious. Nick hears Nandy’s shout. Nick immediately rushes over to her and asks, “What happened, and are you okay?” She requests some medication. She puts on an act and gets rid of Nick’s phone. Nandy claims that I consumed the incorrect medication, so this is a reaction. Nick assures me that he will drive us both to the hospital. She becomes his. The neighbours engage in gossip. Barkha claims that Manna has been of assistance to Harsh and that their home will not be abandoned because it is theirs. Pallavi asks Barkha to get quiet. She inquires of Harsh, “What do you want?” You were so engrossed in your love story that you failed to notice the notice, which, according to Harsh, is reason enough for you to pay attention to the family. He displays the notice to them. Nani claims that you stole the property papers from her.

Harsh yells out, “I’m the house owner; you all need to get out of my house.” He beats Gagan and orders him to beg on the streets of the city. Pallavi says I m your mum. Harsh tells you that you are not his mother and that you should leave the house with your favourite children. Pallavi is seen crying before she leaves the house.

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