Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (21 June 2022) Full Episode Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (21 June 2022) Full Episode Written Update Available On

The first scene of the episode features Pihu having a phone conversation with Priya. She is instructed to give the phone to Ishaan by Priya. According to Ishaan, Ram is upset with me; thus, I need to explain to him why I did what I did. Vedika arrives and says that whatever you told them there was a lie, and she wants to know how you changed your mind about something. Priya says I will make a routine call. She has the impression that I do not want anyone else to see me. Pihu assures you not to be afraid since she will keep you hidden. I am aware that you are relying on Ram for your high-fi education, Vedika said. Ishaan wants to know why you are acting like this. According to Vedika, Ram is also impacted; therefore, I handed you these documents to sign. He claims that I changed my mind and decided not to accept it, but that’s irrelevant. She inquires as to whose advice you followed in making this decision. He believes that I am unable to share any information with her. He claims that I would speak with Ram and not with you. She claims that you will come to regret this, so just wait and see. Vedika notices Pihu and says you here, thief’s daughter. Pihu thinks you have no manners. She promises that she will go and share what you said with everyone else. She thinks to make Vedika apologise. The topic of Ram comes up in Krish and Priya’s conversation. She says that she couldn’t believe that Ram can dive so low as to use Ishaan to halt the marriage. She believes that Ram can’t possibly be able to split a mother and her son apart in any way. Ishaan’s whereabouts are unknown, and Ram has asked Adi to review the surveillance tape. He inquires about his prescribed medications. Pihu comes and collides. The medications are lost. Pihu receives a reprimand from Ram, who then inquires about her parentage. Sara had Priya’s words in her mind. Meera inquires as to the whereabouts of Maitri. Sandy claims that she went home because she was experiencing apprehension. Pihu and Ram get into an argument.

Ram believes you are a drama queen. She claims that you went back on your word. Brinda confronts Ram with the question, “So, you reneged on your commitment to give a child a cupcake?” Nandini is curious as to whose daughter she is. Pihu argues. She claims that Vedika speaks ill of me behind my back. Vedika is questioned by Ram about what it is she is saying. Ishaan claims that Vedika handed him the documents, and Vedika claims that Ram was the one who made the papers. Priya asks what. He claims that I am having guilty feelings. She remarked that there was no need for it because you handled the matter effectively. He claims that I caused him physical harm. Don’t take my name, she advises, because he will comprehend what she means when you explain to him that your joy is tied to that of your mother. Priya says Ram can’t make those legal paperwork. Krish wants to know what benefits Vedika would reap from her actions. Vedika claims that I referred to her as an unauthorised visitor. She called me a thief’s child and says that Pihu tells lies. Vedika, Vikrant claims that she is my guest, but this is not proper protocol. Vedika says sorry. Pihu says it’s fine, and you have my forgiveness.

She then leaves after labelling Ram as arrogant. Vedika thinks I detest her. Brinda believes that I love her since she convinced Vedika to apologise. Priya claims that I should not have come here, that Ram should have made the decision, and that he should not have made the paperwork. Krish claims that only he can respond, so he suggests that you meet with him. She gets a letter. It’s the balance letter for my coaching class, according to her, she said. He requests that she go and get the money for him. Sara ought to be aware of this, according to what she says I shall do. He says no. She asks what it is that I ought to do. Ram says I m not upset. He suggests that Ishaan consume some food. Ishaan says sorry. Ram says there is no need for you to apologise; what caused you to change your mind? Vikrant claims that I should not have concealed the truth about Pihu from Ram. Sara argues that Priya’s wishes should not be followed here. He reveals its destiny. When Maitri told me that Pihu and Ram had met at the mall, I experienced the same feelings as Meera did, she adds. Priya, Sara tells me that you didn’t tell me about this earlier, therefore I will inform her. According to Vikrant, they were fighting earlier today. Yes, according to Meera, but it began with love, much like Ram and Priya’s relationship did in the beginning. Sandy claims that their relationship is no longer active. But according to Meera, it’s not finished yet. Sara adds Ishaan has come back to me, I m convinced. Because of Priya, according to Meera, we ought to make an effort to make her happy. I am aware that you went to meet Priya since I saw the hotel’s surveillance footage. Ram says that you did. Ishaan retorts, “No, we think of those who we love; you love me; I’m learning how to maintain relationships from you; I consider what you would do in this circumstance, and I receive my answers; you are my idol; you find happiness in the happiness of your family.” Ram believes that I am not the same person anymore. Priya and Pihu dance on Aye zindagi…. She tells me that we will go out together. Priya is confronted by Krish, who inquires as to whether or not she plans to retrieve the money. Priya responds with a positive answer, but only after the other offices have closed.


Ram and Priya have their first encounter at the temple. Everyone looks on.

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