Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (24 June 2022) Full Episode Written Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (24 June 2022) Full Episode Written Update Available On

At the beginning of the episode, Adi asks Ram to throw the ring for him. Ram insists that he would never make the same mistake again, that he has moved on with his life, and that he does not want her to return. According to Adi, Priya is the answer to Ram’s problem because he always considers her. Priya is at home, praying. Vedika says we have to tackle Priya. If Nandini has her way, we won’t be able to get rid of her, and I want you and Ram to be married so that Shubham and I can acquire some money. Vedika says I can do anything to obtain Ram. Nandini inquires as to what the alternative choice is. Vedika says Kanika, minister’s wife.

Sandy shows Ram a picture that she has of Kanika. Ram inquires as to why. Sandy claims that the minister does not have any criminal records; nevertheless, he does have a vulnerability. Sandy and Shubham have a conversation with Ram. Sandy claims that Minister Sir is covering up the fact that his wife Kanika has been having multiple affairs. Ram inquires about what happens to the people she discards. Money and power, according to Sandy. Ram says that he overheard someone saying that he loves his wife and that he is faithful to her, and that it is inappropriate for us to make use of the private lives of other people. She claims that it is a backup, that he requested for your character certificate, and that we will use this in the event that we are threatened for this deal. The idea behind this comes from Shubham. Ram claims that you are picking up a lot of useful information from her, therefore there is no need for us to worry about this. She expresses gratitude and mentions that we owe you and are concerned for you. Nandini told me that she is concerned for you. She married the minister for a lavish life, he is madly in love with her, and he knows the truth about her but hides it up. Vedika predicts that Kanika will get drawn to Ram, but he won’t go to her. We will exploit this item. According to Nandini, Ram will take the responsibility, and the minister will back out of the contract. According to Vedika, Ram would have to demonstrate that he is a person who is committed to the cause. Nandini has informed you that in order for him to be devoted to you, he will need to marry you. Your plan is sound, but I’m afraid of it.

Pihu has told me that she wishes to see the unique location that you and Prince Charming share. Priya is pondering what it is that I should say to you. Maitri appears and tells us that while your mother was ill, her prince charming walked to the temple, and that the same temple is available for us to visit and explore now. Pihu says nice concept. Priya agrees. Meera receives the news from Maitri. They have arrived at the temple. Pihu asks him what he was doing in this location. Priya says Maitri doesn’t know. Maitri asserts, “I am aware of it; accompany me.” In addition, Ram is present at the temple. He expresses gratitude to the minister for extending the invitation. The Minister makes the introduction between Ram and Kanika.

Vedika claims that she is impressed by Ram and that she likes him, and that Ram won’t have an option but to marry her because of how much praise I have heaped upon him. Nandini feels plan is good. Priya notices Meera going to the temple to pray for her. Priya joins her in her prayers. Even though I know she won’t forgive me, I still want to see her one last time, says Meera. Pihu inquires as to what it is that we are accomplishing. You should go give that to Priya, as instructed by Maitri, she says. Pihu responds by saying that it’s okay, Sara’s aunty was in the engagement photo, but who is she? Maitri asserts that she has always been the true Miss Sood. Priya is under the impression that I want to give you a hug, but I simply can’t forget what you did. When Meera sees Priya, she starts crying. Priya turns.

Meera claims that this is the retribution for me because I should have been there for you. Pihu appears and reports that she has spoken with Meera Maa. Ram has Priya in his thoughts. Priya receives the bangles while Pihu utters the word “surprise.” Priya insists that I should not put it on. Pihu tells her to go ahead and put it on. There is a Ram there. Shubham says it’s a good day. The answer is affirmative, and Ram’s mother is overjoyed. According to Shubham, there should be no problems. Pihu comes along on the ride with Meera. Priya prays. She believes that Pihu is just like Ram in that she makes sure everyone is happy. Ram is seen here praying. They are able to see one another. Everyone else, including Nandini, looks on. Nandini says Priya… Priya is asked to go since Ram believes that today is an evil day for him and his family. He prays to the lord, “Whoever wants to see us sad, keep that person away.”


Kanika sees Ram and likes him. Kanika makes an excuse and goes. Puja is not as important to Ram as his mother’s health, he says; I will acquire the medicines for her.

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