Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 (28 June 2022) Written Update [BALA-2]

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At the beginning of the episode, Adi and Vikrant are trying to put Ram at ease. Minister claims there is nothing else to discuss at this time because I will not give permission for this project. He is leaving. Ram pushes Adi and says, “How dare he say that about my wife? He knows his wife is characterless, and he can’t take this; he requested his wife to leave.” Adi responds by saying, “I can’t accept this,” and Ram pushes Adi again. He gets angry. Even if he is referring to my wife when he says he can’t accept that it was her fault, and even though you all were trusting him when he said that, you don’t trust me. Vikrant is adamant that you should relax. According to Adi, we are going to go home and chat. Ram goes.

Nandini has suggested that we engage in some activity. Relax, says Shubham, since I contacted Sandy at home to discuss anything. Adi sees Priya. He wants to know if you saw what happened and what advice you can give him. I will meet with the minister and ask him not to get insecure because I don’t want to mess up the situation. Vedika, find Ram and be with him. Nandini says to take suggestions from Sandy, and then she will talk to Ram. We have no choice but to convince the minister. Vedika, find Ram and be with him. I will meet with the minister and ask him not to get insecure because I don’t want to mess up the situation. Two things should be done: this deal, and your Vedika says yes. Priya responds, “I am aware that you despise me because I heard the accusations levelled against Ram.” You could think that these accusations are genuine, but Adi insists that they are not. She retorts, “No, I don’t need a proof for this, he respects women, I know him, he has changed, anyone would change after so much happens, he would never cross his limits, trust him, and take care of him, please.” She says that she does not need a proof for this, that he respects women, that she knows him, that he has changed, that anyone would Adi nods and exits.

Priya believes that Ram should keep his courage and that she will pray to the Lord to send someone to aid Ram. Priya is the only person who comes to mind for Adi. Ram becomes enraged and brings the automobile to a stop somewhere. He keeps thinking about Priya. He notices Pihu as she is on one of the rides. He believes that she is also present, and that she is to blame for all that has transpired due of her actions. Pihu is halted, and he displays his anger toward her. Priya asserts that Nandini did not defend Ram, and that everyone was only aware of his insult. Sara says Ram has changed. Priya remarked that however, he is not inexpensive. It sounds like Meera agrees with you. Priya receives some tea from her. She claims that it is about Ram, and she is correct. Priya asks Sara why didn’t she say anything. According to Sara, his family and friends were in attendance. According to Priya, Vedika was present as well; however, she remained silent throughout the event. She makes a joke and then asks where Pihu is. According to Meera, she went on a date with Krish. Sara claims she was happy. Priya believes that this transaction is very important because there are 800 crores at stake. Sara inquires as to how you came to this conclusion. According to Meera, Priya makes it a practise to read the newspaper every day. Priya believes that there is some way that Ram can be assisted.

Ram brings the man to a halt and hands him the money. He claims that I have purchased this ride at this time. She claims that you are upset, which is why you are arguing with me. They have a disagreement. She says that you are my dad but you forgot since that day you officially became my dad. He claims that if he had a daughter like you, I would have gone insane long ago, and that you owe him an apology. She claims that you will not feel any regret in the future. He asks her to apologise if she would like another round of drinks. She contemplates the next step to take. Priya argues that we need to demonstrate to the media that Ram has love for his family, just like Ram and I did when we gave the interview after the news of the annulment broke. The answer from Meera is yes, and I will go right away. She will leave. Sara reports that her mother has a lot of remorse and that she is missing you a lot. Priya has told me that I need to consider how things would turn out now that I’ve moved away. As Ram Ishaan watches, he thinks to himself, “Since you did a lot to protect me, I will assist both of you.”

Pihu approaches the man and requests that he help her get down. He helps her. She delivers Priya’s lines in the play. After thinking about Priya for a moment, Ram turns to Pihu. She tells me that she knew I would wait for her. She makes a beeline for Krish. Ram gets shocked. Krish notices him. Pihu says Ram is arrogant and cruel, I don’t like him. Krish says don’t mention this. If Pihu’s statements made you feel badly, he apologises for that. According to Adi, Priya was worried about Ram and acknowledged that he was in the right. Brinda inquires as to whether or not she has a solution. According to Adi, Priya is the best person to explain the situation to the minister. Brinda claims that Ram despises her since she lied to him and that is why she will not assist Ram. Priya is the only other viable choice, according to Adi, therefore we should talk to her. There is a visit from Nandini and Vedika. Nandini has informed us that we do have a choice: each of you should resign. Adi claims that I did not bring up the topic of reintroducing Priya into Ram’s life. Nandini scolds Vikrant. Vedika claims that you all are to blame for Priya bringing down Ram. Nandini says to Vedika, “Please, don’t mention Priya’s name.” Vedika complies. There is a Ram there. She wants to know where you have been because she has called you numerous times. Ram asserts that he will resolve this issue. She says that you usually do this, that you should give me an opportunity to do my duties, that Kanika is a good friend of Vedika and that she will convince the minister, that you should pay attention to what I have to say, etc. Vedika claims that I accepted our marriage proposal. Ram brings up Priya in conversation with Krish. He claims that I’m prepared for this.


Priya inquires about the identity of this Mr. Arrogant. At the café, Pihu recognises Ram and calls him “Mr. Arrogant.” Priya notices Ram in that area.

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