Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 1 July 2022 [BALA-2]

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

At the beginning of the episode, Krish says that you continually work to sour people’s relationships and drive a wedge between them. Adi is under the impression that Krish is discussing Sara and Ishaan’s divorce and wondering who informed him about it. Vikrant inquires as to what exactly he is saying. I have no idea, according to Adi. Krish requests that Ram remove the video from his phone. They have a disagreement. He is threatened by Krish. Ram claims that we did not upload the video, so you should go at this time. Krish claims that your company’s proxy server is to blame, I arrived here after conducting some investigations, and you have one hour to destroy that video. If you don’t, I’ll be back in an hour, but this time I won’t be alone; I’ll bring the cops with me. He is leaving.

Nandini claims that this was your intention all along. Ram claims that they won’t act in this manner. She claims that they did it, Krish stated that the video was posted from our server, and they were preparing to send Priya to the minister to clear your image. She asks Vikrant whether or not he did this to impress Sara, and he answers in the affirmative. Adi has said that he is unable to carry out his responsibilities. She asks if you had done it. She inquires as to how Priya was able to find that place, stating that you told Sara, and Sara told Priya, and that Sara wants Priya to return here. Calm down, as it has nothing to do with it, says Ram. She claims that one does not require adversaries when they have friends of such quality, which is good, but I could be mistaken; ask them. Ram asks Adi and Vikrant to just say it. According to Nandini, their lack of speech is revealing everything. She tells Ram that he needs to open his eyes because those people aren’t his real pals.

She claims that the curse will befall this house once more, but I won’t allow that to take place, and you won’t maintain any kind of relationship with them. He inquires as to what you are stating. She insists that you make a choice between your friendship and the relationship you have with both me and Shubham. He describes them as being very similar to my brothers. She wants to know who I am, your stepmother. He inquires as to what you are stating. She asks how Priya could have gotten there that quickly.

Ram tells them to just say something because they are not responsible for this. When Shubham arrived, he reported that they had succeeded. Ram cautions us not to become involved in this. According to Shubham, they are attempting to bring Ram and Priya back together. Adi and Vikrant say yes. According to Shubham, they leaked the video from that location. Adi says yes. Ram inquires as to what. According to Krish, I have to find out who was responsible for this. He reasons that he should find out. Priya is in his thoughts, and he says to her, “I have waited a long time for you.” He takes notice of the ring. He receives a phone call. He inquires as to what, who, Sandy’s computer, and whether or not everything is all right. He calls Sara. Ishaan appears and puts a stop to it. He blames me for it, so don’t let anyone else know about it. But why, Krish wants to know. Krish claims that Priya put the blame on herself in order to protect him, and when I think of Pihu, I can’t help but feel bad because I tried to stop Priya and they don’t deserve this. He sheds tears. It’s fine, according to Krish, because Pihu didn’t watch the video and she has no idea of Priya’s history. Ishaan asks is Priya fine. Krish has assured me that I will look after her. Ishaan expresses his gratitude and agrees that Ram and Priya should be together. Ram inquires as to the reason for this, and I have absolutely no faith in you to tell the truth to me. Nandini implores them to hurriedly go from both their home and their lives.

According to Shubham, they won’t be going anywhere, and you need to eliminate me from your life as well. She inquires as to why. He argues that because I asked them to do everything they have done. What is it, she inquires. Priya can make Ram’s image better, she is your ex-wife, she is the need of the house, this is the best plan, I’m serious about it, he says I called Vikrant, he told me about Vedika’s proposal, I wasn’t convinced, I saw Priya and Pihu on the way, he says, and I wasn’t convinced until I saw them on the way. Sending a message to Adi Adi and Vikrant both read the message that she sent. Ram confronts you with the question, “How can you think that while she is married to someone else?” She has not been in Mumbai for the past five years; the only reason she came back was for Sara’s engagement. Shubham claims that her marriage did not take place, but I discovered otherwise after checking with Sandy. Priya and Krish have never shared a residence. Ram inquires as to the reason why she did not get married. It doesn’t matter, according to Shubham; we should focus on our task. According to Adi, we thought Shubham’s suggestion was interesting and went along with it; Shubham believes you should get back together with Priya. Pihu is the jackpot, according to Shubham, and the headlines will declare that your daughter is the reason for your union; the minister, however, will not annul the arrangement. It was said by Ram that he would not use the kid as a bargaining chip, that he would do everything for Nandini, and that he would go and settle the matter with the minister. A message has been delivered to Tarun from the minister. Priya will be persuaded by all of us, according to Shubham, who thinks that the message is a notice of a deal cancellation. We were unable to save Shivi because of Nandini’s constant screaming. Shubham responds, “I didn’t forget that, and if this arrangement is cancelled, I might go to jail. You already lost Shivi; do you want to lose me?” Ram exits. Krish rings the doorbell and initiates a conversation with Priya. He continues, “I know your pain, always have, I know you have suffered a lot, how long will you run away, maybe life gave you a chance to take the right option and choose a suitable person, it depends on you.” He is saying that he has always known your suffering and that he knows you have suffered a lot. He is perplexed as to why she is not responding to him.

Adi inquires as to the reason behind why we were called here. According to Ram, the minister is on his way, and I will make everything right. Vedika comes. Ram claims that it is an imp’s fault that she is present. Minister comes. He inquires as to the reason you desired to meet here in particular. Ram claims that you are unable to back out of the arrangement. According to Minister, you will know what I am capable of doing. Ram responds, “I’m ready to counter you, and you need to be ready to answer the media.” Ram claims that no one will be able to take my bargain, that my reputation will be restored in seven days, that you will come to me with this agreement, that I will not drag your family into this, and that I will not play cheap games.


Priya is there to greet Ram when he arrives. Krish gets Priya’s letter. He claims that she has left. Brinda claims that had she had the chance, she would have gone to the place that she had always wanted to go. Priya is confronted by Ram, who implores her to stay.

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