Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update 29 June 2022 [BALA-2]

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini asserts that the minister will come around, that he will no longer feel uneasy, and that Ram’s reputation would be restored. Vedika claims that 800 crores are at risk; it’s possible that the minister is considering endangering your family. Brinda is under the impression that Ram will never give in. The names Priya and Krish come to Ram’s mind. He adds that he is ready, and if this is the only choice, then we should go ahead and do it. Nandini inquires whether or not we are absolutely unable to take a step back. Ram nods. It’s wonderful what she has to say. Vedika responds enthusiastically, “Great then, let’s go for dinner at the café; Kanika is coming there with her husband; propose to me in front of them.” Simple as it may sound, Nandini insists that we carry out her recommendation. Vedika, please be ready by nine, replies Ram after receiving the message. Nandini is grateful to Ram. Congratulations, Ram, says Brinda. Ram approaches Adi and requests the transaction documents. Nandini and Vedika leave. Brinda is concerned about you and wants to know what’s wrong.

Ram claims that Pihu has spoken with me twice. Adi claims that she is a little child. Ram claims that she is Priya and Krish’s daughter; although I had no intention of having this occur, I shall wed Vedika. Vikrant feels terrible and wishes he could tell Ram that Pihu is his daughter. I’m sorry about it. Ram goes. Brinda asserts that we will not permit this marriage to take place. Sandy warns, “Don’t laugh, because I won’t allow you do this; otherwise, I’ll lose my job.” Ishaan tells Raya to calm down and tells them that they can accomplish whatever they set their minds to. If they give the video to Ishaan, he will make it become viral, and Raya will reunite.

Ishaan claims Pihu will receive her dad. Adi inquires as to what it is that you mean. Sandy claims that if we demonstrate that Ram and Priya are dating, then Pihu will be considered to be his daughter. The question is posed to Ram and Priya together by Adi. Vikrant and Brinda both inquire about it. Even though Sandy claims that Ishaan told her this, I’m pretty sure it’s a terrible plan. Ishaan claims that they might think about coming back if we are successful in making the interview video go viral. Sandy asks that you cease doing it since she thinks it’s a terrible idea. Vikrant believes that this strategy is superior to the one proposed by Nandini. Ishaan feels Vedika isn’t appropriate for Ram. Vikrant says Ram saw Krish and Pihu. Sandy wonders if he responded with a yes. Vikrant has a conversation with Sara, in which he reveals that Ishaan has suggested they prevent Ram and Vedika from getting married. Sara inquires on the subject of the marriage between Ram and Vedika. Priya is stunned when she learns this information. According to Vikrant, Ram provided a positive response, so we went to the bakery to speak with Priya. Ishaan suggested that we just come here as soon as possible. Sara says okay. When she turned around, she saw Priya there. She refers to him as Vikrant. Priya tells me that I already know the good news. Both Krish and Pihu will be there. Pihu inquires about the exciting news. She is instructed to go to the room by Sara. Krish has instructed me to convey some information to you. Priya has instructed you to give us a gift; Pihu and I have plans to go tomorrow, so please take us out to supper; we enjoy Chinese cuisine. He responds that he enjoys it as well and asks what we are celebrating. She bids me farewell, and then she announces that Ram and Vedika are going to get married. He asks are you okay. She confirms her engagement and asks where the celebration will take place. He suggests that we go out for Chinese food. Priya assures me that everything is going to be OK for both Pihu and me.

The baker serves Sara while she is there. She wants to know why Ram came to this conclusion. He claims to have seen Pihu in the company of Krish. According to what she’s saying, he believed what Priya had told him about the child, and it turned out to be real. She believes Krish ought to let Priya know that Ram observed them both. Krish wonders if he should tell Priya that she should be able to go on with her life since Ram has been able to do so. He claims that I’m all set. Priya invites him to accompany her. He is considering telling her how he feels since he hopes that she will choose him as her new life partner.

Adi yells at them to hurry up and get there, while Ram and Vedika leave for the café. Sara claims Krish is taking Priya there. According to Vikrant, the minister will also be attending. She wants to know how you found out. According to Adi, Ram is planning to pop the question to Vedika there. Both Vedika and Ram are currently located in the café. She claims that I spoke with Kanika, and that Kanika spoke with the minister. The minister is aware, according to Ram, that she is interested in me. She claims that he loves her very much; thus, we should leave it up to her and concentrate on proposing to me; he is powerless to smear you, and this will be the beginning of a fresh chapter for me. Pihu, Krish has told me that I will accompany you this time as well. They end up in the café thanks to her efforts.

Ram is presented with the ring by Vedika. Ram has Priya in his mind. Pihu cautions Priya not to act impolitely like Mr. Khadoos because even Krish had to interact with him today. Priya inquires as to who he is. Ram states that he believes that it is incorrect. Vedika asserts that you were coerced into marriage in the past. Ram believes that time was different because I was free of rage and resentment at that point. She told him, “I’m not expecting anything from you; you did a lot for me; let me do something.” Kanika sent him a message saying that they will be there in five minutes. Priya wants to know who he is and what he does.

Pihu claims we met him in Sara’s engagement also. She knocks the rose to the ground and then attempts to pick it up. She says Mr. Khadoos. You are to come here, says Ram. Priya finally makes her way over to see Ram. Bade acchhe…performs… Vedika gets Kanika’s message. Ram taunts Pihu on manners. She claims that Priya and Krish have not done a good job of teaching their etiquette to their child. Pihu requests Priya to reprimand Ram on his behalf. Pihu and Ram have a disagreement. She wants to know when you are going to move on, because life requires that you do so. Ram claims that Priya is an expert at moving on with her life and forgetting the people in her past.


According to Adi, the interview you and Priya did went viral on many social media platforms. Ram claims that we are no longer together and that Pihu is not my child. In the event that Ram does not erase the video, Krish will contact the authorities.

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