Banni Chow Home Delivery [10th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th August 2022 Written Update On

The first thing that happens in this episode is that Vishnu gives Yuvan a stern warning about how he won’t leave him if he causes his sister to cry. Yuvan wants to know why you’re trying to scare me. Because my room is spacious, you are welcome to accompany us. People in the community have stated that they won’t even drink the water at Ladke wale’s house. Yuvan inquires of Ladke, “Wale, is that bad?” Both Devraj and Sulekha believe that Yuvan is on the right track when he asserts that in a partnership, both people share equal status, and as a result, there is no requirement for such regulations. Devraj notices Banni’s aunt and uncle riding in the car with them.

Manini informs Pratik that his sister was defeated, and that she was unable to keep the promise that I made to her. Manini walks to Pratik’s chamber. She remembers that Devraj accused her father, who is a business partner of Devraj’s, of betraying someone else, which led her father to burn down the house in a fit of depression. I was able to save my brother from an accident involving a fire, but he ended up falling in the stone and developing mental instability as a result of his fall. Manini blames Devraj for the deaths of my parents.

Devraj provides financial assistance to Banni’s aunt and uncle. Banni vidaai gets happen. Manini reveals to Pratik that everything up to this point has gone according to her plan, but that Banni has thwarted her efforts. When Pratik confronted him, he said, “I forgiven you, but we need to finish that night because it is eating me.” He then goes to his drawing on the wall and becomes agitated there.

Manini calls Doctor. They administer an injection to put him to sleep. Manini makes a pact with his brother that she will not accept defeat, and in exchange, he agrees that he will force him to acquire all of the property, and that you will be allowed to take Yuvan’s room and his toys. In addition, Yuvan will be relocated to this location, and your story will be erased from this wall, and he will draw his story on this wall. She claims that the Rathods do not know anything about me, and that as a result, they will be forced to deal with my worst side.
Banni inquires as to the whereabouts of Vishnu. Yuvan claims I sent him to get your bike. Vishnu rides a bicycle there while carrying lunch trays. Yuvan claims that in order to fulfil her dream of making Banni Chow Home Delivery renowned, she needs them. Banni smiles. In the end, they make it to the Rathod mansion. Banni perceives the darkness and concludes that this house does not accept her, but Yuvan does not permit her to have any experience with the darkness in her life. Devraj asks Banni to not feel bad. He gives Myra the task of getting ready for Banni’s arrival.

The lights are turned on. When they see the arrangements, they are taken aback. Manini collaborates with dancers to perform ghoomar. The manner in which she behaves astounds everyone. Veer wants to know what became of Manini. Kalpana says don’t know. Manini extends a warm welcome to Banni to everyone. Banni claims that she is the one who shattered the fantasy that you had. Seems like you’re forgetting it. According to Manini, your name is inextricably linked to Yuvan’s, and you personify his obstinacy. Banni says no I’m Chahat of Yuvan. I hope that you are not intending to injure me with this welcome.

Episode ends.

Banni will try to wake up the person who is sleeping on the floor, expecting it is Yuvan, but she will be horrified to see someone instead. Yuvan tells her he send him to sleep. Viraj and Charmi make fun of Banni by claiming that the groom is required to remain in suhaagrat but that their marriage is different and hence Banni must spend time with Worker.

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