Banni Chow Home Delivery [12th August 2022] Written Update

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Banni and Yuvan can be seen strategically placing Diya candles throughout the entire house. Hemant is informed by Devraj that the current day is a joyous occasion similar to Diwali. Hemant has told me that you are the one who is happy, not me, and that I should be afraid of Yuvan’s future. The conversation continues with Devraj asking him to consider the situation from Yuvan’s point of view. It is easy to understand why he is content with Banni. Yuvan goes to his Dad. Banni and Yuvan go to Hemant’s room and bend down to receive his blessings. It’s over for him. They are showered with Devraj’s blessing.

After some time has passed, Banni and Yuvan engage in a game in which they attempt to locate the ring hidden within the milk container. The ring will go to Yuvan. They were protected from harm by Manini’s money, which served as a ward against the evil eye. Banni looks on. Manini requests that Shankar give that money to those who are less fortunate. Viraj and the others are concerned about their futures in the event that Banni acquires ownership of fifty percent of the property. Manini asserts that she is Malkin and will not concede that anyone else may assume her role. Viraj smirks.

When it’s time for suhaagrat, Viraj and Charmi will adorn Yuvan’s bed. Kalpana inquires as to the rationale behind their choice of the heart motif for the decoration. As they play loodo here, Charmi instructs everyone to make Banni feel as uncomfortable as possible. They have a happy expression on their faces. In the process of escorting Yuvan to her room, Brinda provides Banni with instructions on how to care for Yuvan. Viraj, Kalpana, and Charmi mock her. As soon as Banni entered the room, he noticed that the decorations were tense. Myra inquires about Brinda’s well-being by asking what transpired with her. Sulekha sends Myra. She requests that Brinda give both of them a portion. Brinda says that she is sorry for Banni because Yuvan was unaware of the wife’s and husband’s relationship. Brinda says that she feels bad for Banni. The girls have many hopes and dreams for Suhaahrat, but Banni is in for a rough night tonight.

The hunt is on for Yuvan, according to Banni. Someone is spotted dozing off on the ground by her. Because Banni believes he is Yuvan, he wakes him up and makes him sleep in the bed. When she recognises Shankar, she experiences a moment of utter disbelief. She yells for Yuvan and runs out of the room out of fear that Viraj will do something. What transpired, Manini inquires. Banni reports that Yuvan cannot be located and then goes in search of him. Everyone is interested in finding out what took place.

Yuvan arrives and inquires about what has taken place. Banni reveals to Yuvan that Shankar is currently dozing off in the room, and that it’s possible that these individuals are up to something to cause us trouble. Yuvan claims that he sent Shankar to sleep in her room because he remembered how she slapped him, which is why he slept in the other room and sent Shankar to be with her so that she wouldn’t be scared. I slept in the other room so that he wouldn’t be scared either. Banni gets shocked. All of them, including Viraj, are happy. Manini hears from Shankar that Yuvan woke him up against his will and made him sleep. Yuvan demands to know what the holdup is regarding Banni getting intimate with him.

Yuvan receives reprimand from Manini for his behaviour. According to Viraj, Yuvan gave her a demonstration of Banni’s level. Charmi believes that they have a truly one-of-a-kind relationship, and while suhaagrat is traditionally performed by the husband, in this case it is performed by the servant. Banni has an uncomfortable feeling of shame. Yuvan is curious as to the reasoning behind the manner in which a room is decorated. Taking petals from the bed, he walks away. Banni yells at him to refrain from continuing. After the wedding, Manini informs Yuvan that he is no longer permitted to call servants to the room. It is Shankar that she sends. Yuvan inquires as to whether this implies that he is unable to rely on the assistance of servants. According to Viraj, you, and not the servants, are responsible for completing this task. Viraj receives a reprimand from Manini, after which she requests that he depart. According to Viraj, he arrived in order to offer assistance to them. Yuvan is coerced into ingesting the milk by this individual. Banni is the one who holds him back.

Episode ends.


In conclusion, Yuvan will feel very uneasy when he sees the photo of his mother being torn apart. Banni makes numerous attempts to exert her dominance over him, but she is unsuccessful. Viraj is instructed by Manini to figure out how she can turn the game to her advantage completely.

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