Banni Chow Home Delivery [13th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Banni tells Viraj that she can see what he is trying to do and asks him to leave the room because she can see it. Manini requests that everyone departs immediately. Everyone is going to leave. Yuvan is given the instruction to brush his teeth by Manini. Banni hears Manini say, “It’s advice from me, I agree that you’re the protector of Yuvan, but now you’re his wife, and you have more responsibilities as Yuvan doesn’t know about anything about this relationship so make him know the duties of the husband otherwise house people will think what’s your motive behind the marriage, so think about it carefully.” Manini is offering Banni some advice. She says that she agrees that Banni is Yuvan’s protector, but that After that, she leaves. Banni believes that this is the first time that she does not have the answers, and that she is by herself. She asks her mother, “Mom, if you are here with me, then you can tell me what it is that I need to do.” When she thinks back to the times she spent as a child with her mother, she breaks down and sobs uncontrollably.

Hemant drinks wine. Manini tells you that she understands your frustration, but she advises you to take a break and calm down. She seizes the opportunity and takes the glass from him. Hemant believes that if she cared for him, she would not have done all of these things to hurt him. According to Manini, Yuvan is content with Banni, and as for me, I’m acting in the best interests of the family, so please understand. According to Hemant, it is challenging to constantly be confronted with Banni’s face in their home. He is presently retaining her in his grasp. She is experiencing discomfort. It does not escape his attention that she is in pain. He inquires about the situation by asking her what took place. She is reminded of the cruel treatment she received from her brother. Hemant goes to get her ointment.

Banni explains to Yuvan that the room where the wife and husband are sleeping is off limits to anyone but them. Yuvan has indicated that he will lodge a complaint with Devraj regarding the fact that he did not want to be in a room in which no one enters. Banni explains to him that the cloak is only meant to be worn at night. Yuvan feels happy. He tells her he is sleepy. He then lulls Banni to sleep before falling asleep himself in the bed. Banni is experiencing some anxiety, and she decides to sit down on the bed. Yuvan inquires as to the rationale behind the custom that stipulates the wife and husband’s bedroom must be kept private at all times, particularly during the night. Is there some kind of covert collaboration going on between the two of them? Banni looks nervous. He tells her that he will find out about it from Dadu in the future. Banni promises that she will explain everything to him and asks that he not ask anyone else about it.

Manini’s injury is being treated by Hemant with a bandage. Since Manini believes that Hemant has always loved and respected her, she does not have any issues with our relationship; on the other hand, I will never be able to forgive Devraj. Hemant goes to get her some milk and reassures her that her wound will start to heal soon. Yuvan is currently awaiting a response to his question. Banni is contemplating the best way to explain the situation. Then she notices the Dog doll, which is Yuvan’s most cherished possession in the entire collection. Banni explains to him that no one can enter between them like how he can’t leave his doll Bunty. Yuvan inquires as to whether or not she will reprimand him if he has sexual relations with her.

Banni nods yes. Yuvan tells her that he is content before giving her a hug. She looks on. Banni says that the girl will leave her house to be with her husband, and she may not mingle with everyone at her Sasural. Because of this, the person she trusts the most is her husband, because he is the person who is the closest to her heart. Because they need to open their hearts to share their good and bad things, which cannot be discussed with others, no one is allowed to enter the room in which the husband and wife are alone.

Yuvan has stated that they are a couple as well. Because he is exhausted at the moment, he suggests that they start their conversation the following day. Banni agrees. Yuvan makes the provocative request that she share his bed for the night. Banni responds by saying that she will take off her bangles and meet him there. Yuvan implores her to get there as quickly as possible. Banni implores God to bestow upon her the fortitude necessary to continue her involvement with Yuvan after their breakup.

Episode ends.


In anticipation, Yuvan is going to put his hand on the lamp. A photograph of his mother is destroyed in the blaze. In tears, he offers his apology to her mother and then turns to Banni to ask her to protect her daughter. Banni makes an effort to prevent him from moving forward. Manini explains to Viraj that this is just the beginning, and that over the next few days, the overall game is going to turn in our favour.

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