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Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in the episode is that Banni comes to when she has been sleeping. She gives him a friendly grin before reaching out to take her hair from Yuvan’s hand. A cup of tea is brought to her by the servant. Banni inquires about the manner in which she is aware of her decision. According to the servant, Yuvan provided them with the information. Banni smiles. Manini sees arrangements for Muhdikayi. When Devraj sees Manini, he immediately assumes that she is plotting something malicious against him and his companions.

Banni is going to the bathroom to take a shower. She discovers that there is no lock on the door, and as a result, she decides to take a shower before Yuvan comes up. Hemant notices Manini taking out Vandana’s dress. He inquires as to the motivation behind her decision to remove it. Manini has said that she intends to present it to Yuvan’s wife as a gift. Hemant walks away, claiming that he is unable to understand what it is that she is doing.

Yuvan heads to the bathroom to clean his teeth, but while he’s there, he happens to catch a glimpse of Banni soaking in the tub. The use of an umbrella by Banni allows her to conceal her identity. She wants him to give her a dress, so she asks him for it. Yuvan challenges her by requesting that she take a shower in front of him, just as he does in front of the workers. Banni cautions him that he should go immediately. He will depart. Banni is seen dressed in what appears to be a bathrobe. Yuvan hugs her from behind and taunts her by telling her that she has “puppy shame.” Banni is heard yelling at him to get out of the house. Eventually, he leaves.

Banni gets ready. Yuvan had just down the stairs and informed everyone that he observed Banni having a bath. Attendants include members of the family in addition to workers. Kalpana mocks it. Banni travels to that location in order to receive the blessings of Devraj. She is aware of the reasons behind why everyone is staring at her in such a manner. Yuvan reveals to Banni that he has told everyone that he spotted her when she was taking a bath. Banni is surprised to hear this news. Both Viraj and Charmi had a smile on their faces. They watch as Yuvan demonstrates how Banni bathes. Banni has an uneasy feeling about the situation. Charmi and Viraj make a sarcastic joke about their love, suggesting that their relationship is special in some way. Manini inquires as to what he is doing and where he is going.

Banni pulls Yuvan aside and presses the question, “What type of spouse are you?” Yuvan is the only one who bothers to ask what occurred, but everyone else makes fun of me the same way. Banni confronts him with the question of whether or not he will find it satisfying if other people embarrass him. Yuvan nods no. Banni claims that she is the man’s wife and that if he makes fun of me in front of other people, those other people will make fun of the man’s wife. Does that sound like something you would enjoy? Yuvan says no. Banni believes that these discussions should remain private between the two of us. Yuvan extends his sincere condolences to her. Banni asserts that because we are now one in marriage, whatever insult you give me is also an insult to her, and she says the same thing about her to her.

The presence of Banni and Yuvan may be seen in the hall. Manini inquires of Yuvan as to whether or not Banni has explained everything to him. Yuvan has requested that Devraj install a lock in the stall that he uses for personal hygiene. Banni inquires as to the whereabouts of their father. According to Devraj, he will very quickly recognise your virtuous personality. Manini asks Banni and Yuvan to get ready for Muh dikayai. Everyone gets on their way. Manini is under the impression that this is only the beginning of Banni’s fall from grace.

Episode ends.


Recap – Manini will make Yuvan grow afraid. Banni is seen here offering prayers to God. Yuvan goes there, and then he relieves himself in front of everyone out of dread. Viraj teases him.

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