Banni Chow Home Delivery [17th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvan is shown looking in the mirror at himself. He is startled when he sees strange shapes of himself in the mirror. Then he recalls what his mother had said, about how a person’s face will appear strange if they breach a commitment. When they saw this, both Viraj and Charmi laughed at him.

Banni notices that Kalash needs some cleaning, so she decides to do it herself; however, Devraj stops her and tells her that there are slaves that do that work. Banni assures Devraj that she would carry it out, and Devraj tells Banni that her new daughter-in-Mehandi law’s is more valuable than a pearl. The Kalash that Devraj uses is filthy, so he orders one of his servants to clean it. Banni had the thought, “Devraj is not even letting me do anything. How can I claim I have to cook for my clients also?”

Yuvan begins to reflect on what took transpired, and when he returns to his room, he discovers that the picture of his mother is disappeared, which causes him to become hysterical.

Veer and Alpana discuss Banni’s personality and claim that she will resort to any means necessary to acquire the property. They make an effort to embarrass Banni in front of others so that she will listen to what they have to say about her personality. Yuvan urges his mother not to become enraged in the conversation. The turning on and off of the lights. He gets afraid. The name of Yuvan’s mother is yelled out. Viraj and Charmi are optimistic that their scheme would be successful. Banni responds to Alpana and Veer with an appropriate response. According to her, topics of this nature are only brought up in conversations when one party needs to impede the progress of the other. It is revealed that Yuvan is considering going back on his word and breaking the vow he made.

Banni is given some relationship advice from Manini, who tells her that she has not yet experienced the highs and lows that come with being in a relationship. Mannini inquires of Banni whether or not she loves Yuvan to the point where she is able to overlook all of his shortcomings and forgive him. Banni relays the advice that her mother gave to her and says, “You should only marry someone who is capable of loving you a great deal.” If he makes a mistake, then it will also be my right, because in front of love, all of these mistakes are small”. Yuvan goes to his mother and apologises for his actions. Aarthi is handed over to God by Banni.

Yuvan makes his way downstairs, where he has a conversation with Devraj. Yuvan discusses the oath and its importance. It is imperative, according to Devraj, that the promise be kept quiet in the presence of other people. Yuvan describes the sights and emotions he experienced. Yuvan is confronted by Devraj, who inquires as to whether or not he has ever been frightened by watching a horror movie on Devraj’s cell phone. Yuvan has a moment where he really embarrasses himself. Manini contacts Shankar and instructs him to clean up the mess. It was Alpana who put a halt to him and suggested that Banni clean it. The same may be said for Viraj.

Devraj questions how she is able to behave in such a manner. Charmi claims that it is her obligation, thus she doesn’t understand why she can’t carry it out. Banni travels to Yuvan in order to retrieve the bucket and cloth from Shankar there. Banni is not permitted to clean since Yuvan does not permit it. Banni asks, “Why not when I throw up on the bed and urinate all over myself would you not clean it?” Yuvan asserts that he will tidy up the mess. Banni has indicated that she will now speak. Viraj comments on it. Banni says, “You can see filth, and I can sense fear in my husband.” And she claims that she can clean it up not only from the floor but also from Yuvan’s heart.

Episode finishes


A recap: Banni will experience some anxiety around her births. The Banni deliveries will not be made, according to what Alpana has told the servants. Banni realises that all of her deliveries are still in this location. Manini thinks that Mooh dikhayi ka rasam Banni will be offended.

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