Banni Chow Home Delivery [18th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Banni is sweeping the floor. Yuvan is being helpful to Banni by holding her hair back. Alpana thinks it’s gross that the new bride smells like a toilet instead of getting mehndi applied to her hands and feet. She looks high and low for her fancy scarf. Banni pulls out her cleaning cloth and asks the other person if it’s the one they’ve been looking for. Alpana gets angry. The others are smiling. Yuvan takes Banni. He has her sit down while he washes her hands and then binds jasmine blossoms around her fingers. Banni is overjoyed when she sees his adoration for her.

While crying, Yuvan apologises by covering his ears with his hands. He assures her that the jasmine blossoms would not cause the bathroom to smell, and he apologises for ruining her Mehendi. Banni explains to him that her passion for him is more valuable than her Mehendi. She inquires of Yuvan as to whether or not anyone frightens him. Yuvan asserts that the individuals in question are not his mother. Devraj signs him no. He is able to state that it happened because Yuvan viewed a disturbing movie on his mobile device. He brings Yuvan along with him. Manini smiles.

Yuvan informs Devraj why he felt terrified. He shows him the mirror, but everything looks normal in it. Devraj reassures him that it is only an illusion and tells him not to be concerned about it. According to Yuvan, the photograph of his mother is also missing. They go to the room, where they find the photograph. Yuvan explains to Devraj that he is telling the truth and that the events may be transpiring as a result of my having broken my commitment to Mom.

It was Devraj who reassured me that your mother is not upset, therefore you shouldn’t be concerned about it. Yuvan reveals to him that he is experiencing fear. Devraj believes that Yuvan took his mother’s commitment to heart and that he needs to improve his health. He instructs Yuvan to get ready for Muh Dikhayi and to not tell Banni about the commitment that was made. Yuvan agrees in tears. Manini listens in on their talk without their knowledge.

Banni keeps an eye out for Rajjo. Rajjo brings meals. Both of them express how they want to make their mothers proud of them through their work. Banni tries to get her to eat something, but Rajjo says she has to go and will return later. The meal is prepared by Banni. She expresses her gratitude to the workmen for constructing a kitchen similar to hers. The meal that is served to her customers is prepared by her. Carriages are packed by her.

Banni is reminded by Alpana and Charmi that she is Rathod’s daughter-in-law, and that it is inappropriate for her to carry out her husband’s delivering duties. Banni claims that it was my mother’s dream, therefore I won’t give up on it until I’m done. Banni is humiliated by Alpana when she says that her business is of a low grade. Banni is relieved to hear that Manini is on her side as she defends her freedom to conduct her own business.

Alpana leaves. Manini sends warm wishes and success to Banni. Banni is doubtful witnessing Manini alter. Devraj smiles seeing Banni. He requests that Banni have the employees deliver the meal to the customers and have everything set for Muh Dikayi. Banni agrees. Manini is questioned by Alpana about the reasons behind her support for Banni, as well as her intentions. Manini urges her to have the patience necessary to witness Banni’s fall from power. Alpana smiles.

Episode ends.


Manini makes Banni get ready for Muh Dikayi. The tiffin delivery to Banni is stopped by Alpana. Banni becomes furious seeing her tiffins undelivered. Manini believes that Banni’s muh Dikayi will be one of a kind.

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