Banni Chow Home Delivery [19th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th August 2022 Written Update On

Yuvan is seen getting ready and going downstairs. Banni smiles seeing him. Viraj mocks Yuvan. Banni congratulates Yuvan on his beautiful looks and urges him to wear a black dot so that he can avoid being watched by malicious people. Yuvan offers her an apology for whatever it was that he did wrong. Banni insists that it is time for them to move on. She gives the employee instructions on how to deliver her food without incident. Viraj explains to Alapana that Banni does not care about the reputation of their family, which is why Banni continues to deliver food to Rathod even after she became Rathod’s bahu. Alapana cautions the Servants not to bring Banni’s tiffins to work. The servant claims that it is an instruction from Devraj, but she warns them that their pay will be reduced if they do not listen to her.
Banni doesn’t set her saree pallu. She decides that the best way to learn how to drape a saree correctly is to watch a video on YouTube. When Manini arrives, she brings Vandana’s saree and jewellery with her. Banni should wear the jewellery that her mother-in-law gave her, she tells Banni. Banni remembers Hemant’s charges against him. She claims that she has respect for Yuvan’s mother and that she will only wear clothing that she has purchased with her own money since otherwise, people could think that she married Yuvan for his money. Myra says it’s good. She is going to get some flowers. Banni is assisted by Manini, who sets her saree and discusses her own experience with Muh dikayi.

Myra gives Banni a bouquet of flowers and asks her to force her to wear them. Manini agrees. When Hemant arrives, he sees that Maninj is preparing Banni for battle. Hemant contacts Manini and asks her if she has forgotten how Banni lied to them for money back in that time. According to Manini, Banni is not concerned with monetary matters; otherwise, she might not want to wear a saree that she has earned through her own effort and labour. Hemant claims that you, too, are being held captive by her power, but that you will soon see that you have made a grave error in your actions. He will depart.
Banni is advised by Manini not to take Hemant’s statements seriously and that he is merely being protective of Yuvan. She warns her that she will force her to wear a gajra. Banni has some doubts about Manini’s motivations. Manini claims that she will accomplish her goal in a different method. In accordance with the tradition, Manini inquires of Banni as to whether or not any members of her family will be present at Muh Dikayi. Banni recalls the events that led to the end of her connection with her uncle and aunt.

Vishnu appears in front of Muh Dikayi. Yuvan feels thrilled seeing him. Myra extends Vishnu a warm welcome. When that time comes, Banni will come downstairs. Yuvan enthuses about how beautiful she is. Vishnu bestows presents to them all. Charmi makes fun of the present. Devraj puts an end to her and then departs with Vishnu. Banni has the idea to share the knowledge with Charmi at a later time. She begins to wonder if she should check to see if her tiffins have been brought. Manini does her best to prevent her from telling muh Dikayi that it’s time. Banni leaves, informing her that it is necessary to check whether or not her dinner has been delivered.
Banni rushes to the kitchen and becomes concerned when she sees that her dinner has not been delivered. Yuvan summons Banni outdoors. According to Banni, she has a meal delivery to make. Yuvan asserts that it is his responsibility to ensure that your clients will not go hungry. He shows her customers and individuals from Basti while he is out with her. Basti people gift her. Banni inquires as to who invited the individuals from Basti. Yuvan claims that he urged Vishnu to invite consumers here after realising that food is not brought to them, and that by doing so, your company will not experience any difficulties. Manini believes that you ought to call the entire city Yuvan because Banni is going to have a distinctive Muh Dikayi.

Episode ends.


Yuvan will walk down the stairs carrying Vandana’s dress and jewellery. According to him, Banni makes his mother very upset. He forces Banni to wear jewellery and expresses regret over their marriage to each other.

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