Banni Chow Home Delivery [1st September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st September 2022  Written Update On

The episode start with:

Jeweler informs Viraj and Charmi that in order to get promoted, they are going to need to dress in traditional clothing. The consensus is reached by Charmi. They are instructed to change in the dressing room by the jeweller. Banni is informed by Vishnu that the plan that they developed is successful. Viraj and Charmi make their way to the tent.

They become aware that they have not been provided with suitable costumes. They then hear Banni and Vishnu speak in a different tone and are told that they would be the ones to obtain the costumes. At the same time, Banni and Vishnu take their garments from them, claiming that there is nowhere inside to store their clothes. Yuvan assures Manini that he would applaud for Banni as soon as she defeats Dahi handi in the handi game. The request comes from Manini, who wants him to convey to Banni to clap for him. Yuvan wonders how. She communicates with him by letting him know something.

Both Viraj and Charmi yell at the jeweller, requesting that he send the outfit. If Viraj does not tell Banni what took place in the planetarium, Banni will expose him to the public. Viraj is threatened by this. Charmi maintains that she is unable to treat her in such a manner. Banni is quoted as saying, “I know how to respect a girl, and I did it to you to stop you from aiding Viraj.”

Palak is told by Devraj not to let the anxiety get to her and that she is capable of handling it, so she should stop crying. Palak claims that he is unable to fathom how she could feel in the event that she comes in second place. Vishnu arrives at the location and inquires as to the reason behind Palak’s tears. Myra reveals to him that she is unprepared to hand in the science project as soon as it is due in three days, as she has received the message requiring her to do so. Palak confronts her with the question of why she is bringing up cosmology with someone who clearly has no knowledge of the subject. Clay pots are the answer to her predicament, as Vishnu reveals to her when he advises her to use one. Myra informs Palak that he is intelligent.

Banni makes an accusation against Viraj and threatens to expose him. If he doesn’t come clean, she adds, everyone will see him naked (but not in a Dai Handi), and she won’t stop until he does. There was a disagreement between Charmi and Viraj. The countdown officially begins when Banni does it. Charmi claims that she is unable to witness the humiliation that her husband is experiencing. She claims that Viraj’s cell phone contains the truth about the situation. Banni removes his phone from its hiding place in his garments. It is requested that she provide the password. Charmi shares this information with her. Banni is confronted by Manini, who is watching from the opposing side. Manini asks Banni why she is causing Charmi and Viraj trouble. Banni challenges her to meet her head-on, to which she responds that she is aware of whatever it was that she done, and that she will now investigate what it was that Banni did to Yuvan in the planetarium during those five minutes.

Manini takes Viraj’s mobile from Banni. When Banni sees her, she’s wearing the saree that belonged to Yuvan’s mother. This surprises Banni. After hearing Manini’s recommendation, Yuvan comes to the conclusion that he should break the Dahi handi. Manini assures Banni that she will be completely transparent with all of the information. According to what she has heard, the beginning of this game was the promise that Yuvan had given to you. She receives water from Manini, who informs her that she is in need of it. Banni responds by hurling a glass at him while saying, “I know, but tell me what you did to him.” Manini encourages her to exercise some patience in the situation. Banni is curious to know what transpired after the false manager exposed them to the public. Manini says you’re smart. Through the use of graphics, it demonstrates how Manini gave Yuvan the impression that she is his mother.


Manini reveals to Banni that she was able to transform into her mother in under five minutes. Banni has promised that she will be transparent with Yuvan on the situation. The suggestion made by Manini is that we should tell him the truth together. She demonstrates to Yuvan how he is progressing up the human pyramid as a result of listening to her advise. Banni is concerned for him and their future together.

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