Banni Chow Home Delivery [1st December 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st December 2022 Written Update On

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st December 2022

In Banni Chow Home Delivery, Yuvan saying mom and fights. Banni asks him to say who is responsible for Vandana’s death. A nurse walks into the room and looks suspicious.

Tulika and Sanjay tell Banni that they need to stop the session because it’s not good for Yuvan’s mental health to push him. Tulika gives him an injection. Sanjay tells Banni that Yuvan will regain consciousness soon. Tulika meets Banni and asks him what happened.

Banni says that Dr. Sanjay has told me a few things. Sanjay is shown to tell Banni that his good Yuvan is back, but Kabir can come back anytime as this trauma is his trigger point so we need to heal him. Tulika says that Yuvan will regain consciousness. Banni says that he will go to his room. A masked person enters Yuvan’s room and that person tries to attack him, but that person hides as Yuvan becomes conscious. Banni walks into Yuvan’s room and notices that it is empty. She feels worried about Yuvan.

Yuvan enters Tulika’s cabin. She asks Tulika to stop being available to him and it would be a great help if you didn’t come in front of me. Banni gets there and asks why he is talking like that. She says that Tulika is there, good wishes.

Tulika says that Yuvan is right and even Sanjay said that Kabir’s reappearance is due to Yuvan’s trauma and if I appear before him frequently it will trigger him. Tulika says that she will never come between them. She apologizes and cries walking away. Banni and Yuvan leave. A masked person follows them.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Today’s Episode Online:

Tulika gets hurt by pieces of broken vases. She cried remembering her moments with Kabir. Yuvan removes Tulika’s tattoo from his hand. Banni supports him in the process. Tulika writes Kabir’s name on a paper with her blood. Agastya goes to Tulika. He asks if she misses Kabir. Tulika says no. Agastya says that you love Kabir and miss him and lies why you wear Kabir’s mangalsutra. She hides it.

He says that you are helping Banni to cure Yuvan and you know that Kabir will be dead after you treat Yuvan fully. He asks if he wants Kabir to leave forever. Tulika says that she is a doctor and that it is her job. Agastya says that you are human too and how can you easily leave your childhood love, Kabir loves you so much and it is hard to have that kind of love again. He’s leaving.

Banni applies cream to Yuvan’s hand and asks if it hurts. Yuvan says that he feels bad that they couldn’t find the truth of the story and didn’t get any clues from his hospital session. Banni tells him that they got the upper hand. Yuvan is feeling happy.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest new Full Episode:

The next day, Banni and Yuvan arrive at the temple. Banni tells Yuvan that the Mandir people will show them the photo album and you told me your mom left behind to meet someone that day so I’m sure she knew the person well and we will recognize him from the photographs . Agastya tells Tulika that Banni and Yuvan went to mandir to find the truth and in this process, Kabir may reappear so be careful.

Pandit gives a photo album to Banni and Yuvan which is related to the past Mahashivratri. Pandit tells Banni and Yuvan that they can check the Shiv Ratri celebration photos in the album. Banni and Yuvan view photos hoping to get a clue as to the culprit. A person in a burqa uses a smoke bomb and escapes taking a photo album of Banni with him.

Banni goes after that person. Tulika’s inside warns Tulika to make Kabir break her promise to Banni. Tulika gets confused. Banni chases the Masked Man and throws coconuts at his feet. That person falls but escapes on the bike taking the album. Banni and Yuvan are disappointed.


Yuvan waits for Banni at the rock star contest. The manager tells Yuvan that we don’t have much time and that his entry will be in a while. Banni meets with an accident. Yuvan is sorry.

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