Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update[BCHD]

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update on

Banni continues to speak her mind while describing the plight of the middle-class girls. Manini shouts at her to leave her house immediately because she will not put up with her disrespecting her friend and accuses her of using shortcuts to get to the palace from a basti/low class neighborhood. Banni tries to run away in tears. Before leaving, Anchal begs her to give back Vivan’s second ring. Banni requests that Vivan return the ring because he must wed Niyati. Because he will get married twice, like Hemant, and will wed both Banni and Niyati, Vivan begs her not to take the ring off. Hemant slaps him after growing irate. Devraj chastises Hemant for touching a boy with his hands.

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Hemant is informed by Banni that he might have raised his son with affection despite the fact that he is mentally disturbed. Hemant adjourns. Banni is once more commanded by Manini to leave her home. Using force, Chamri and Alpana attempt to take Banni’s ring off. Banni pulls their fingers to demonstrate how painful it is. She claims that although the ring may be worth millions of dollars, the food that comes from her finger is priceless. Guests speculate that Banni is mentally unstable and from their basti. By placing the ring on her finger, Yuvan erred.


Hemant feels bad about hitting Yuvan. Manini tells him not to feel bad and shows him the rings Anchal gave him, saying they can propose to Banni and Yuvan. She knocks him out. However, Charmi and Alpana are unable to remove the ring from Banni’s finger. Banni promises to return to them after having it removed by a jeweller. Everyone applauds as Manini coerces Yuvan into giving Niyati his ring in order to complete their engagement. Yuvan’s engagement ring falls to the ground as he becomes discouraged. Manini chooses it and attributes the loose fit to the jeweler. Banni remembers how Manini made fun of her and how Yuvan put a ring on her finger as she makes her way home. She is discouraged and believes that Yuvan’s naivety and obstinacy have made their friendship look bad.


Devraj is tasked by Myra to use magic to arrange Yuvan and Banni’s nuptials. Sulekha claims that in actuality, it is not conceivable. Yuvan approaches Devraj and asks him to arrange for his marriage to Banni since he feels secure in her company. He explains how Banni shields him, how his mother sends Banni from the stars, etc. Devraj is powerless. Vishnu attempts to take off the ring at Banni’s place by dipping her finger in water. As it is Yuvan’s mother’s ring, Banni warns him to exercise caution.


Manini commands Banni to leave her home, precap. Goon Raja threatens to wed Banni if she doesn’t repay the 3 lakh loan that her mamusa took out. Yuvan is beaten by Viraj.

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