Banni Chow Home Delivery [20th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Vishnu reveals to Banni that Yuvan was the one who came up with the idea. Charmi overhears Devraj telling her that, in contrast to them, Banni has healthy relationships. Banni thanks Yuvan. Yuvan inquires as to whether or not the tears she is producing are of a happy or sad kind. Banni believes that it is joy that is causing the tears. Yuvan tells her he makes her get happy tears every day. The ladies rumour has it that Banni has a wonderful husband who adores her. Yuvan is quite happy, and it shows in his dancing. Manini travels to speak with them. Yuvan attempts to conceal himself out of dread. They must begin Muh Dikayi when they receive a call from Manini.

Yuvan acquires an understanding of what is meant by Muh Dikayi. Myra assures me that there will be presents for Banni as well. According to Yuvan, he was able to see Banni’s face even without bringing a present. He inquires of Devraj of the types of presents that are expected of him. Banni’s happiness is brought about by the act of giving the gift that Devraj requests of him. Yuvan is working on putting something together. Banni receives gold bangles from Devraj, who also informs her that the family’s regard is dependent on her actions. Banni receives a present of jewellery from Manini, who informs her that if she puts the pieces on, she will have a positive effect on herself. Banni recognises Hemant and inquires as to whether he will still bless her. Manini has indicated that he will accept her in the near future. Banni is gracious enough to accept her gift. Yuvan writes poem. He goes around the room and reads it out loud to everyone. His classmates had nothing but praise for him. The other women in the group remark to Banni that she is extraordinarily fortunate to have found a husband as loving as Yuvan. Banni smiles.

The room is filled with the shattered remains of Yuvan’s mother’s sarees and jewellery. Charmi is responsible. It has been revealed by Alpana that Viraj and Charmi would be performing in the same manner as Banni and Yuvan. Banni looks unhappy. Yuvan enjoys it. He sees away and sees stars. He begins by thinking back to his childhood and the times he spent with his mother, and then moves on to the other memories. Manini smirks seeing him. Yuvan decides to go star collecting, and he incorrectly believes that his mother is on her way to meet him there. The performance that Viraj and Charmi give is intended to make fun of Banni and Yuvan’s relationship.

Myra is questioned by Banni over the whereabouts of Yuvan. Myra asserts that she observed him making his way to the restroom. Yuvan notices that the ornaments and jewels that belonged to his mother are shattered and scattered across the floor. He inquires as to who was responsible for throwing these things upon the ground. He is able to hear the melody that his mother used to sing. He tells his mother, “I know you’re here; so tell me who did this.” Yuvan hears a voice that sounds like Vandana telling him that she is upset with him because he violated his commitment to her. The voice says that she is angry that he broke his pledge to her. In a broken-hearted attempt to make amends, Yuvan expressed his regret to her.

Episode ends.


Manini puts an end to the performance that Viraj and Charmi were giving. Banni is the recipient of her request for an apology from those present. Yuvan comes out with some of his mother’s belongings and claims that Banni made his mother angry, that he makes Banni wear jewellery against her will, and that he shouldn’t have married Banni. Banni looks hurt.

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