Banni Chow Home Delivery [22nd August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Viraj and Charmi putting on a play in which they make fun of Banni and Yuvan’s relationship. When everyone else sees them, they elicit laughter from everyone. Viraj and Charmi are prevented from continuing by Manini, who agrees with Banni that they have gone far enough and is going to intervene herself. She requests that they apologise to Banni and Yuvan for their behaviour. Alapana walks up to Yuvan and inquires as to why he is currently there in the room.

Yuvan shares with her the news that his mother is upset, but he is unsure as to the cause of her ire. Alapana speculates that perhaps it is due to the fact that Banni did not wear the jewellery and clothes that belonged to your mother. After becoming enraged, Yuvan takes his mother’s possessions and goes downstairs. Charmi and Viraj apologise to Banni. When Manini inquires about Yuvan’s whereabouts, she gets confused. When Yuvan eventually makes his way downstairs, he takes off Banni’s pallu and all of her jewellery. He showers her with gifts while simultaneously inquiring as to why she chose not to wear the jewellery that belonged to his mother. Everyone is taken aback after watching Yuvan act in such a manner.

When Yuvan removes Banni’s bangles, he accidentally fractures some of them. It has been brought to the attention of the ladies that the removal of suhagan signs is considered to be unlucky. Additionally, Yuvan picks flowers without paying attention to Devraj’s instructions. Banni is forced to wear jewellery as a result of Yuvan’s actions. The other women can’t understand how Banni can put up with such a man as her husband. Devraj slaps Yuvan when he doesn’t listen to him. According to Yuvan, his mother is much more upset now because Banni did not wear any of her jewellery.

According to Devraj, your mother’s anger is not directed toward you in any way. It has been stated by Yuvan that she is. According to Devraj, Banni made a commitment to him about that. Yuvan, in a fit of rage, exclaims, “That’s the promise I broke; I promised Banni and then shattered it by marrying her.” Yuvan claims that he made a mistake when he married Banni and that he shouldn’t have married Banni in the first place. Banni cries. Yuvan raises his voice to Banni once more. Devraj and Vishnu stop him.

Devraj takes Yuvan inside. Yuvan relays to Devraj that he overheard his mother yelling at him on a tape recorder, and that this anger is directed toward him. According to Devraj, his mother does not have an angry disposition. It has been stated by Yuvan that she is. Viraj and Charmi have a conversation about the fact that Yuvan was unaware that we had switched recorders. It is possible that Manini will go there. Banni is under the impression that she made a poor decision when she accepted his pledge. She contemplates the various means available to her for manipulating Yuvan. Banni leaves.

Banni makes her way to the room where Hemant is in. She begs Hemant to provide Yuvan with some solace in this difficult time. Hemant inquires about Yuvan’s well-being and wonders what happened to him. Banni spills the beans about everything. Hemant visits Yuvan and explains to him that they have a solution to the problem with his mother that they can use their trick to solve. Yuvan takes violin. Both Banni and Devraj are aware of their presence. Viraj and Charmi are curious about Manini’s next move, so they ask her about it. Manini looks through Yuvan’s childhood photo album. They are instructed to leave at her request. While Yuvan plays the violin, he thinks back to a moment in the past when he was with his mother. According to Hemant, your mother has forgiven you.

Yuvan feels thrilled and hugs Hemant in happiness. Devraj compliments Banni. Banni requests of Devraj that he never keep anything that is connected to Yuvan a secret from her. Devraj promises her. Yuvan is overjoyed as he shares the news with Devraj that his mother has forgiven him. Manini and Viraj watch on. When Banni wants to express her appreciation to Hemant, she folds her hands into a prayer position. Hemant is under the impression that I have never been here before, but the truth is that I brought my son with me. As a result of the new development in the game, Viraj inquires to Manini about what comes next. Manini is under the impression that Yuvan will learn very soon that his mother did not forgive him.


Banni reveals that she is not a sycophant and instead follows her own manner. She forces Alapana to wear her goggles and instructs her to look at the world from her perspective. She stresses to everyone that it is essential for them to respect Yuvan in the same manner that they respect Manini.

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