Banni Chow Home Delivery [23rd August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni confronts Yuvan by asking him why he lied to him about the commitment that he had made to his mother. Because Yuvan informed me that you recently got married, I don’t want to cause you any inconvenience. Banni insists that they are one, and that their joy and sorrow are one, thus you should never keep anything from her that she would find interesting. Yuvan agrees. It does not escape his attention that she is in pain. It looks like he’s rubbing some ointment onto her wounds. Yuvan expresses his sincere regret for having caused her pain and apologises to her. He is his own worst critic, calling himself a terrible husband.

Banni compliments him on being a responsible spouse and apologises for the fact that he did not wear the outfit that his mother had given him. She reveals to him that she would be wearing the outfit that his mother used to wear. Yuvan adds that people below may laugh at you because I damaged you and forgot my role as a spouse. He says that although it is customary to laugh at him, it is wrong to do so in your situation because what I did was wrong. Banni has always taught me that it is impolite to make fun of other people, and it hurts my feelings when other people make fun of the way she and I are together. She is thinking about the play that Viraj and Charmi had performed. She is considering ways to ensure that Yuvan is afforded the position and responsibilities that are due to him within the family.

When people see their favourite foods, they immediately feel happier. They want to know where they may place an order for it. Brinda claims that it originated in the kitchen belonging to Banni. They have questionable expectations regarding the flavour of the food. Devraj encourages them to try it out for themselves so they can evaluate its flavour. According to Alapana, Banni is indulging in sycophancy in an attempt to gain favour in our eyes. Banni makes it clear that she is not a follower of sycophancy but rather of her own style. She travels there with Yuvan while wearing the clothes and jewellery that belonged to Vandana. She forces Alapana to wear her goggles and instructs her to look at the world from her perspective. Manini confronts her with the question of why she puts herself through so much stress in order to cook so much food when they have slaves. Banni says Yuvan wedded her. According to Devraj, this is the truth, and you, Annapurna, are the head of this household. Banni makes a request to speak with Hemanth. She has Palak bring Hemanth to her attention. Palak denies but Manini sends her.

Banni stops Viraj from sitting. She claims that Banni will join them in eating the food. Viraj says it’s rubbish. According to Banni, Yuvan is a very significant member of this family, and since he owns a fifty percent portion of his name, this makes him the ruler of the home. Both Viraj and Charmi are the targets of her derision. Devraj smiles. Banni, according to Manini, you’re putting on an awful lot of pretence. Banni claims that she is attempting to educate everyone in the manner in which Manini taught since she believes that they are not listening with love. She stresses to everyone that it is essential for them to respect Yuvan in the same manner that they respect Manini. Shankar hands Banni his hat, but Banni grabs it from him. She forces Viraj to put it on. Anger is something that Viraj throws in. Banni claims that you are the one who is usually the one to harm Yuvan, but that despite this, he respects and loves everyone, and that from today, it is your chance to give that love and respect.


Banni urges Yuvan to eat, but he ignores her request and continues to stare blankly ahead. He goes to Manini’s house and gives her a bear hug when she is on the phone with their mother. Banni and Devraj get astonished.

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