Banni Chow Home Delivery [24th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni explaining that Yuvan is going to eat with everyone, and that if his mother is still alive, she could desire the same thing. Yuvan receives his nourishment courtesy of Banni. Banni receives the first bite, and Yuvan tells her that she is his top priority and that he loves her the most. Manini is appreciative of Banni’s efforts, which she says helped them find each other again. Everyone joins in on the applause. Manini has instructed everyone that they must utilise the dining table going forward for all of their meals. She requests an apology from Viraj and Charmi on behalf of herself and Banni and Yuvan.

Viraj believes that it is possible that he will never apologise, but he is required to do so in order to facilitate Manini’s plan. They have been given our sincere apologies by Viraj and Charmi. Manini approaches Banni and asks her to demonstrate, through a gesture, that she has forgiven them. Yuvan gives off the impression of being uneasy, and he reveals to Banni that his mother is undoubtedly still irate because he hasn’t received any indication that she has changed her mind. In a sobbing state, he makes a beeline for his room. Yuvan begs his mother to show him that she has forgiven him as he is in tears and she refuses to do so.

Banni feels bad seeing Yuvan’s situation. She explains to Devraj that the problem is once again coming back to the initial point, and she also gives him advice on how to comfort him. Devraj is under the impression that he needs to look for a solution. Later Banni delivers her dinner. The other women are curious about the arrangement that her husband has made for her to continue working. Banni maintains that she is inextricably linked to her work, and that no one can cut them apart. She had the idea of watching to see how Devraj’s plan plays out. When it comes to picking out a clothing, Yuvan is having trouble deciding. According to him, Banni will select a shirt, and she will embroider Moon on it just like her mom did. Banni returns home. Devraj has entrusted her with the responsibility of managing him. Banni selects a dress, then instructs him to get ready for the evening. Yuvan goes to get ready. It is not in Banni’s opinion that it would be beneficial for Yuvan to visit the planetarium.

Myra tells Devraj that she has obtained authorization from the planetarium to do what she wants to do. Devraj feels happy. Banni eventually runs across Devraj and conveys to him that, in her opinion, the planetarium concept is not a sound one. According to Devraj, they have no choice but to carry it through in order to give Yuvan a sign and so help him feel better about the situation. Banni believes that it is a good idea to come up with alternative solutions. It would be unethical to take advantage of Yuvan given how much trust he places in you and your group, according to Manini, who agrees with Banni’s assessment. According to Devraj, he doesn’t think Yuvan is in this state. He will go to make the necessary arrangements for the automobile.

Manini expresses to Banni her regret that Devraj did not pay attention to what she had to say but adds that she is glad Banni is listening to her. Banni informs her that she will not put any stock in her reassuring words and that she will always prefer to put her faith in Devraj rather than in herself. Manini receives word from Viraj that their appointment has arrived, as the moment has come. Banni encourages her to give all of her attention to the tasks at hand. Devraj is informed by a member of the Planetarium staff that all of the necessary arrangements have been made. Devraj thanks him. Yuvan is going to present his mother with some presents when he arrives there. Banni looks dubious. Devraj assuages her concerns by assuring her that everything is going to be alright.

Yuvan is the one who dials their number. Yuvan is seen following Banni and Devraj into the planetarium. Yuvan inquires as to which one is the star that belongs to his mother. According to Devraj, one star will shine brightly and come to you; therefore, you should inquire of that star to find out what your sign is. Yuvan enjoys entertaining his mother by playing the violin for her. Apologies are extended by Banni to Shiv Ji for the lies he told Yuvan. The management introduces Devraj to the organization’s most knowledgeable technician. Yuvan is shown Banni’s star, which was given to her by her mother. She expresses her affection for star by telling her that she loves her. Devraj gives the Technician instructions to release a number of pink balloons. Yuvan is confused by Banni’s explanation, so he asks about the balloons, and Banni tells him that his mother sent them as a symbol that she loves him. Yuvan smiles. Banni feels guilty about the lies she told him and wants to apologise to him from the bottom of her heart.


 Banni makes an effort to provide Yuvan with nourishment by feeding him. Yuvan manages to hush her, at which point he looks up, spots Manini, comes over to her, and ecstatically hugs and kisses her while calling her “mama.” Banni and Devraj stand surprised.

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