Banni Chow Home Delivery [24th November 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th November 2022 Written Update On Writtenlab

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th November 2022

In Banni Chow Home Delivery, Kabir asking the family members to tell him where are Veer and Viraj. Brinda says she doesn’t know. Devraj asks if he will shoot him if they don’t tell him and asks why he is taking revenge on them. Kabir wipes away his tears. Ge says that all family members are enemies of him.

Kabir intends to celebrate your success, Banni, but I will defeat you another way. Tulika feels conflicted. That time Kabir approaches her and asks her to go with him. Tulika asks him why she is breaking the rule that they cannot see each other before the wedding. Kabir says all is fair in love and war so come with me no questions asked as we must unite.

The next day Banni returns home. Myra tells Banni that you are right, Kabir created a lot of drama last night. Banni says Devraj told him. Myra tells her that Kabir and Tulika are not at home. Banni thinks about where they’ve gone. Kabir and Tulika go home and take a selfie near their wedding table. Banni calls Tulika. That time Tulika enters. Banni takes Tulika with her saying he needs to tell him something important.

Tulika thinks she has to tell Banni about last night, which is very important. Banni tells Tulika that Manini is not responsible for Yuvan’s trauma and we have less time to find the person. Tulika tries to tell her the truth but Kabir cuts her off.

He asks Tulika to prepare for her wedding and gives her a dress. She agrees. Banni is about to leave. Kabir stops her and asks her to accept her handkerchief as a return gift as it is needed to dry her tears during their marriage.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Today’s Episode Online:

Banni sees Agastya. She asks him why she is here. Devraj says he called him here. He suggests that Banni and Agastya get married. Devraj asks Agastya not to misunderstand him and she tells Agastya that she has named some funds in Banni’s name and asks him to make Banni happy by investing funds in good things.

Banni says she hasn’t accepted her defeat. Agastya requests Devraj to give Banni another chance. Devraj refuses. Kabir comes there and makes fun of everyone. He teases Banni. Agastya sides with Banni. Kabir asks what right he has. Agastya is about to say something.

Banni says that he will be my husband and till it is fake marriage but not anymore and Banni will marry Agastya in this mandap. He says if Yuvan loves me then he will come out to stop my marriage so let’s see whose love wins Yuvan or Kabir. She swears by Yuvan and tells him that she will become Agastya if Yuvan doesn’t come out.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest new Full Episode:

Kabir says that everyone knows that she loves Yuvan so he stop lying. Banni says I swear by Yuvan, so I will. He asks Agastya if he is really ready to marry her. Agastya agrees. Kabir asks them to get married before his wedding.

Later, Charmi meets Banni and asks her if she will really marry Agastya. Tulika feels guilty thinking she is cheating on Banni. Banni says this is the last option left and I have faith Yuvan will be back. Charmi asks what would have happened if she hadn’t come back. Banni says she agrees their love is incomplete.


Precap: Banni will take pheras with Agastya. Yuvan tries to go out but Kabir warns him not to go out but Yuvan goes out for Banni. Banni says. Banni runs to Yuvan and tells him that they did everything possible to get him out. He reveals to him that today they will get married in mandap. Yuvan agrees.Banni bursts into tears.

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