Banni Chow Home Delivery [25th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Yuvan asks Banni where the star for his mother is located. Devraj requests that the technician brighten one of the other stars. The technician is the one who does it. The star is presented to Banni by Banni. Yuvan feels happy. He begs his mother to demonstrate her forgiveness by giving him some kind of indication that she does so. Yuvan apologises to her by playing the violin and showing her a card. Yuvan is about to be showered in star ballons, so Devraj begs the technician to do it.

The Technician lets loose a swarm of star balloons. Banni asks Yuvan to keep an eye on it. Yuvan feels thrilled to get golden balloons. There is a visit from Devraj. Yuvan is overjoyed to tell Devraj that his mother has forgiven him for his transgressions. Another song is performed for Yuvan’s mother. The technician invites Devraj and Banni to come outside and tells them that their manager wants to meet with them. Banni believes that it would be unwise to abandon Yuvan at this location. The technician reports that Yuvan is doing well at this location. Banni and Devraj head out to express their gratitude to the manager.

The manager makes an effort to keep Devraj and Banni preoccupied with his conversations. Devraj inquires after the topic of his intended conversation with them. The manager steps away to attend to incoming phone calls. Banni ensures that Yuvan is in good health. She has come back. The manager approaches Banni with a request for tiffin services on their behalf. Banni agrees. Yuvan is unable to breathe due to the smog that was created after Star was destroyed.

Yuvan makes a request for assistance to Banni and Devraj. Banni and Devraj approach the entrance and discover that it is locked. The security reports that it’s locked from the inside. When Babi sees the smoke, she starts to feel anxious. The technician walks away while indicating that he will check. The management claims that a short circuit is the cause of the door being locked. Banni, who is experiencing some anxiety, makes an attempt to enter the control room, but the security personnel prevent her from doing so. Banni yells for Devraj to get the fire department on the line while she tries to kick down the door. She is stopped by the technician, who informs her that the signal has been restored. He opens the door.

Banni and Devraj enter inside. They observe that Yuvan is content and note a difference in him as a result. Yuvan has insisted that it is time for them to leave. When Yuvan got home, he was speechless and only said, mom. Banni and Devraj both inquire as to who he is looking for. Yuvan claims that it is a mystery that he is unable to reveal. Banni seems confused. Yuvan edits the photograph of Vandana to remove the garland. Both Banni and Devraj are curious as to what he is up to. Yuvan argues that since his mother is there, there is no need for it. Banni is the one who brings him food and gives it to him. Yuvan ignores Banni’s attempts to feed him as he searches for something in the room. Banni discusses the shift in Yuvan’s behaviour with Devraj. Yuvan notices Manini. He chases after her and ecstatically hugs and kisses her while calling her mommy.

Banni and Devraj stand surprised. Others too experience the shock. The embrace is returned by Manini. Yuvan gives her a call in order to demonstrate something to her. He tells Manini that he always gives the first bite to the one he loves the most, so he forces her to sit down before giving her the food. Manini urges him to take a bite of his meal. Yuvan approaches her and requests that she feed him. Banni wants to know if she has threatened Yuvan. Yuvan asserts that nobody ever threatened him. Banni offers his sincere apologies to Yuvan for having him stopped. It was the first time Manini had called me mum, and he said it while feeding him food with respect. Banni and Devraj talk about an event that has taken place.


Yuvan is seen playing the piano with Banni. The following day, consumers confront Banni over sending them rotten food in their orders.

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