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Banni must disclose where she concealed Yuvan, according to Manini. Confused, Banni queries why she would conceal Yuvan. Stop her and Yuvan’s engagement, advises Niyati. Banni questions why she wouldn’t spend her time cooking in her kitchen instead of hiding Yuvan. Manini threatens Hemant against Banni by saying that everyone saw what happened yesterday. Banni claims that her chemically loaded lipstick is negatively affecting her brain and that she only ever offers Yuvan meals out of love. Manini keeps up the drama. Where is her son, Banni asks Hema. Banni questions how she knows, but since his wife and Niyati are always by his side, he should ask them.


What was Yuvan’s last night conversation with Banni about, Devraj queries. She recalled Vivan asking her where she would hide if no one was looking for her and talking about the sky, moon, etc. She claims that she used to hide from her mother in a water tank. Out of the flashback, she asks Mayra to check the terrace for Yuvan while she goes to his bathroom to look for him there. When everyone has left, Yuvan hides in the bathtub and steals. Banni comes back and claims to have caught him. According to Yuvan, she gave him the notion to skulk in the water, and she later caught him. All eyes are on Banni. Banni claims that when she told him about her childhood, he misunderstood what she was saying.


Yuvan is unwilling to marry the impure angel Niyati. Devraj asks Hemant to refrain from pressuring Yuvan if he chooses not to. Manini accuses Banni of using Yuvan’s wealth and bank account to coerce the mentally disturbed man into getting married. Banni advises Niyati to respond to this query because, despite being attractive and intelligent, she still want to wed Yuvan. She inquires as to whether Niyati would have wed Yuvan if he weren’t wealthy. Niyati observes Manini while remaining mute. Manini gives the go-ahead for her drama. As a social worker who works with mentally ill orphan children, Niyati says she is tired of giving the same answers to the same questions. She likes Yuvan because her mother was also mentally stable and she was unable to save her because she was a young child. Manini noticed her and suggested that she marry Yuvan because she wants to support Yuvan in the same way that she was unable to save her mother.


Hemant queries Banni, telling her not to bother Niyati once more if she has received her response. Banni claims that Niyati seemed to be sincerely repenting. Niyati claims that she genuinely wants to care for Yuvan, but Banni’s protection is preventing Yuvan from accepting her. According to her, Banni is only a friend of Yuvan’s who might abandon him at any time for any cause, but she must look after Yuvan for the rest of her life. She asks Banni if she may put her obligations and everything else on hold in order to care for Yuvan indefinitely. Yuvan is content knowing Banni would concur. At Manini, Niyati grinned. Banni keeps quiet.


The wedding bands of Yuvan and Niyati are missing. Banni is blamed by Manini. Yuvan places Banni’s engagement ring on her finger. Manni charges Banni with seeking to wed Yuvan and having aspirations of becoming wealthy.

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