Banni Chow Home Delivery [27th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 27th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni that the food she prepared for them has deteriorated since she got married. Banni contemplates the mechanics of the situation. She wants to know whether or not they left a carriage open. Customers have asked her to stop blaming them so that she can hide her mistake, as it has occurred with all of them. Customers have indicated that they need to terminate the food contract.

Banni explains that she has no idea how it occurred and apologizes to the other people for the misunderstanding. They didn’t even bother to listen. Devraj makes the suggestion that they give Banni one more opportunity to investigate what took place and asks that she do so. The consumers concur. When Banni gets Sharma’s call, he learns that Sharma too had a poor tiffin. Banni advises the Rathods to accept the situation even though they messed with her tiffins. Viraj argues that they are ignorant of everything and implores her to stop pointing the finger at them. Yuvan comes forward and admits to her that he was the one who did it. Customers become irate, and as a result, they cancel their food order and depart.

Banni sobs while holding her carriages in her hands. She inquires as to Yuvan’s motivations for carrying out the act. Yuvan explains to her that he took some food from everyone’s wagon so that he could become like Krishna, who was known for stealing butter. Banni elucidates for him the thinking behind Krishna’s theft of the butter. Yuvan hears through Devraj that Banni’s directives were revoked as a direct result of his action.

Yuvan extends an apology to her and explains that he did what he did so that his mother would be happy. He reminds Manini about the story that she had told him earlier. Banni confronts Manini with the question of whether or not she is exploiting Yuvan’s innocence in order to steal food. Manini tells her to cease having doubts about her by pointing out that she just gave him the narrative, but he misunderstood it in the same way that he did with her in the past. Yuvan assures Banni that he will apologize to her in front of each and every customer. Banni ruminates on the actions that Manini took in order to get Yuvan to listen to her.

Later Viraj and Charmi appreciate Manini. Manini inquires about the requirements they have. Charmi says that in order to bring gifts to her cousin’s wedding, she needs between 4-5 lakhs of rupees. Charmi becomes enraged when Manini begs her to accept presents of fifty thousand. Yuvan extends his apologies to the client and informs him that he won’t return his item until the client has forgiven Banni. Yuvan being called a crazy man by the customer. Banni gives him back the stuff he had taken and informs him that she cannot tolerate anyone insulting her husband. Yuvan wants to know if she is upset. Banni explains to him that this is the first time she has ever lost 10 customers, and she implores him to maintain his composure in the event that he is unable to assist her.

Yuvan acquires a girl’s kerchief in the process. She becomes aware that she is crying and gives the handkerchief back to her. The young girl is still quite upset. Yuvan inquires of her father about the recent events. He informed her that her flute had broken and that there was no nearby shop where she could get another one. She had a competition in thirty minutes and her team would have lost without a flute. Carrot serves as the material for Yuvan’s flute. The young girl inquires as to whether or not it will function. Yuvan plays it. All of the people clap.

The young girl expresses her gratitude to him, presents him with a peacock feather, and tells him that she is similar to Krishna because of his assistance. The father of the little girl expresses his gratitude to the man and promises that he will be there to assist them in any way possible should they want assistance. Yuvan hands him a booklet that describes Banni’s food delivery service. He claims to be the principal of the school and informs him that they have a new branch with 200 students that needs food and asks if they can provide it. Banni agrees. She is appreciative to Yuvan. She makes him swing his tire swing and wear feathers as a costume. Yuvan tells her that he can’t wait for his mother to get home so he can show her his feather. Banni questions him about the modification he’s made, but he says he can’t disclose the information.


Manini acts toward Yuvan in the same manner she does toward Krishna. It makes Hemant pleased to see how close they are. Banni appears on stage alongside Yuvan. After speaking with Myra, Banni discovers that the planetarium was the location of an incident involving Yuvan.

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