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Banni declares at the beginning of the episode that she cannot care for Yuvan indefinitely. Yuvan breaks down in tears. Banni claims that all she wants is Yuvan to be happy, and if you want to love and care for him, she won’t stand in the way. She also promises to visit until the two of you get married, at which point Yuvan will be entirely under your control.

Assuring Yuvan is Devraj. Manini claims that Yuvan has to be looked after this week because his wedding is next week. She informs Niyati she will bring Yuvan to the engagement and begs her to get ready for the ceremony. Yuvan is asked by Hemant to get ready. Yuvan disputes this and asserts that he dislikes getting engaged to a bad Pari. Why does he think she is awful, Hemant queries.

Yuvan claims that she dislikes kheer and that her second finger is also too lengthy. Hemant claims that these are little matters, that you and I are going to be married, and that you need someone to look after you after we pass away if you refuse. Yuvan observes. Yuvan is asked by Banni to prepare. Hemant asks him to get ready like a royal before leaving. He is sent by Banni along with a worker to prepare.

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Manini commends Niyati for her decision. If Banni isn’t present, Niyati claims she can force Yuvan to follow her before moving on. Banni is asked by Devraj if she believes Niyati is telling the truth.

Give Niyati one more chance, Banni implores, and don’t worry—I’ll be back here to see Yuvan as long as our friendship remains intact. She goes to get Yuvan ready. Yuvan is told by Banni to get ready or else everyone will blame me. Yuvan consents to prepare for her.

Seven days, according to Banni. She remembers her interactions with Yuvan. Chandamama is not wearing his dress, as Yuvan discovers. He sets up an environment for the moon. Banni enters the space. The employee informs her that Yuvan might cause a commotion and describes how Yuvan became nude during Shiv Ratri. He is directed to obtain a needle and thread by Banni. On his shirt, she embroiders the moon.

Yuvan tells her that she is acting just like his mother and thinks about his mother. The butler claims to receive the moon badge. No need, Banni responds; I’ll make Niyati learn how to sew the moon. Devraj descends the stairs. Hemant commends Manini for managing each relationship.

Yuvan recite verses from a poem he penned for Banni. She assures him that it is good. Charmi hears them talking to each other. In front of everyone, he promises to tell Shayari. As she steps aside to answer the phone, Banni motions for him not to do it.

Yuvan is informed by Charmi that now days, Saand is used instead of Chaand when reciting poetry in front of an audience. Yuvan concurs. Charmi asks Banni to bring Yuvan before she departs. He receives praise from Banni for his poetry, and she assures him that reading it aloud to Niyati will make her happy. Yuvan concurs.



Yuvan forces Banni to wear the ring and announces their engagement to everyone. Manini will assert that this ring cost $1,020, 000 and that neither your life nor your business can be worth that much. She will also accuse Banni of seeking to wed Yuvan in order to get financial success.

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