Banni Chow Home Delivery [28th November 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th November 2022 Written Update On

Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th November 2022

In Banni Chow Home Delivery, Banni telling Tulika that he will repay her for the help she did to him if she gets a chance in life and promises her that he will not let her eyes well up with tears. Tulika feels guilty and hugs Banni crying. Banni makes Tulika sit down and feeds her. Yuvan cries to himself as he holds up Banni’s photo.

The next Banni prays to Shiv Ji to be with Yuvan until he fully becomes Yuvan. Tulika sees Banni and hides the bridal chain from him. She prays to God to give her the strength to take it off. Banni sees Tulika and gives her Prasad. She asks if she is going to the clinic. Tulika says that she wants to tell him something. Banni asks what the problem is.

Tulika says that Kabir had come to get me out of the clinic before the marriage and in her emotional state he told me about her childhood trauma. Banni asks what she told him. Tulika tells Banni that Yuvan’s mother was killed by a family member and that person is the one who gave Yuvan the wrong medicines.

Bani is surprised. She says that Kabir knows about the culprit, but Yuvan doesn’t remember anything. Tulika says that it happens in split personality and if Yuvan and his mother get justice, Kabir will leave and Yuvan will become normal. Banni says that she will find out who killed Yuvan’s mother.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Today’s Episode Online:

Banni is shown to have tied up the entire Rathod family. Family members ask him to leave them. Banni says that Yuvan was traumatized when he witnessed his mother being killed by one of the family members and that person is the one who gave him the wrong medicines till now.

Banni counts 3 numbers. Hemant asks him to stop her madness. Banni says that she will start with Veer and throws a dagger at him. Veer snaps out of her reverie. Hemant and Devraj ask Banni why a family member would kill Vandana.

Banni says that he surprised me like you guys, but I have to find out who killed Vandana. She asks the culprit to come out voluntarily and otherwise I will find out who is the culprit, then that culprit will not get pardon and will be severely punished. Hemant doubts Veer and asks if she did it.

Veer says that he didn’t do it and asks why they can’t doubt Alapana. Alapana asks why he can’t doubt his wife, who had a problem with Vandana before her death. They blame each other. Devraj admits that he is to blame. Banni says Dadusa. Devraj says if he is one of the family then my upbringing is wrong so its my mistake.

Banni Chow Home Delivery Latest new Full Episode:

Banni tells the family members that she gave them a chance because she doesn’t want to suspect everyone but they didn’t use her so now she will investigate and doubt everything to get to the culprit as it is necessary for recovery of Yuvan. Later, Banni shows Vandana’s belongings to Yuvan. She asks him to remember what happened on Shivratri night. Yuvan tells her that she didn’t remember correctly.

Tulika comes there. Yuvan says, to be honest, I’m afraid of Kabir and I don’t want to let him come back. Banni spots Tulika and calls her inside. Tulika says that she comes to return the things that Kabir gave her. Yuvan stops Tulika from leaving. Tulika gets angry.


Pandit tells Banni and Yuvan that they can see the photos of the Shiv Ratri celebration. Banni and Yuvan view photos hoping to get a clue as to the culprit. A person in a burqa uses a smoke bomb and escapes taking a photo album of Banni with him. Banni chases that person and makes them fall by throwing a coconut at their feet.

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