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Yuvan is forced to join Niyati for the engagement ceremony by Banni, who transports him to the location. Manini is instructed by Charmi to observe how Banni will be degraded today. Announcing her, Palak

At Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement party, Charmi and Viraj gave a performance. On the tune Dil Disco Disco Bole Saari Raat Sajna…, they all three dance. Yuvan manages to release himself while Niyati tries to grip his hand.


Juice is given to Yuvan by Banni, who then pretends to give it to Niyati before drinking it himself. Palak informs Yuvan of Niyati’s performance following the performance. Banni is forced to dance by Yuvan. Banni pauses. Hemant queries Yuvan as to how Banni can perform in place of Niyati.

Manini asks Banni whether she will dance and responds that she will because it is Yuvan’s special day. Yuvan again presses Banni to dance.

Banni concurs and starts dancing to the tune Jag Ghoomeya. Yuvan envisions a dance with her. After Banni’s performance, everyone applauds her. As payment for Banni’s dancing performance, Manini performs Yuvan and Niyati’s nazar while holding money. Banni becomes irate. Devraj queries Manini about her activity.

Banni settles down and takes money from Manini to pay for their mother’s prescriptions and their sister’s education expenses. They both thank her. She begs them to pray for the good deeds of Yuvan, Niyati, and Manini. She receives applause from everyone while Manini scowls. Manini scowls as Devraj applauds and praises Banni.

Alpana invites Kalpana to descend and witness the drama starring Yuvan and Banni. Kalpana claims that because the engagement ring is missing, trouble will now begin. Yuvan has written a poem for Niyati, and Banni urges Devraj to read it aloud in front of everyone. Yuvan replaces the bull with the sand and perform a poem for her. When the guests hear that, Niyati and Manini stand ashamed.

Yuvan is chastised by Manini for demeaning Niyati. Yuvan claims he initially composed it for Banni. Banni claims that he read aloud before pronouncing “saand.” Yuvan claims that Charmi changed the word “chand” to “saand.” Niyati asserts that she made a joke without realising Yuvan would take it seriously. Manini receives a taunting remark from Vrinda that she has a group of jokers about her and should suffer.

Viru said that the child made jokes and amused them. Let’s begin the engagement ceremony, Hemant suggests. The lost engagement rings, according to Kalpana. Manini is made fun of by Banni. Banni is charged with stealing the rings by Manini. Banni claims to be a successful businesswoman rather than a crook. Alpana begs her to quit acting out and imitates her words.

Banni responds to her appropriately. Hemant queries Yuvan over the rings. Yuvan turns down. Devraj advises everyone to look through the rings before he departs. Banni believes Yuvan would receive a severe reprimand if he stole the rings. Devraj enters his room and removes a pair of rings from his pocket after remembering having taken them. He did an excellent job, Myra comments as she approaches him. Devraj claims that simply taking rings won’t alter Yuvan’s condition. He is her superhero, according to Myra, and maybe with his help, Yuvan’s destiny can be altered.


Yuvan is asked by Banni if he stole the rings in an aside. Yuvan claims he didn’t, taking her word for it. She claims to believe in him. He claims that he is hungry. She advises that he eat with the visitors. He insists on having food and claims he didn’t invite any visitors. Niyati claims she will feed him a feast and delivers food. Banni asks how Yuvan plans to consume this stuff. According to Niyati, he can to adjust his palate. Its smell makes Yuvan queasy, so he discards it. Manini and Hemant are aware of that.



Yuvan places the ring on Banni’s finger and declares that they are now engaged. By deceiving Yuvan and attempting to marry him, Manini humiliates Banni by revealing her ambition to become wealthy.

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