Banni Chow Home Delivery [29th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni and Yuvan are seen making preparations for a bhog for Krishna Ji. After he finishes styling Banni’s hair, Yuvan walks up to Manini and invites her to accompany him while he helps decorate Krishna Ji. Banni hears Vishnu’s appeal and responds appropriately. Vishnu reveals to her that he went to the planetarium, but Ravi Goyal claims that he did not run across Banni there. Banni becomes perplexed and searches for Ravi Goyal on Google, but the results show another individual. As a result, Banni concludes that he is not the same Ravi Goyal that they previously encountered.

Charmi explains to Viraj that they are required to accept between three and four lakh rupees in presents for their wedding. Charmi doesn’t even notice when the slip of paper falls out of her bag and onto the ground. Viraj is a tailer and is following her. Banni discovers a piece of information that has accidentally fallen out of Charmi’s bag. She reveals to Devraj that Viraj and Charmi visited the planetarium one day before they did, and that the director they met there is not the actual director of the facility. According to Banni, Yuvan was held captive in the planetarium, and while he was held captive, something terrible occurred to him. There is a disruption in the power supply.

Hemanth, Viraj, and Veer are all keeping an eye out for the individual who took the golden flute. Banni and Devraj go there to find out what has transpired and ask some questions. Hemanth asserts that a golden flute has been taken by an unauthorized individual. He calls out to the thief, pleading with him to come out. Yuvan comes out and confesses to them that he was the one who stole it. Banni is reminded of Yuvan’s assurance that he will never steal anything from anyone else. Yuvan sees Manini.

Banni inquires as to whether or not she was instructed to steal it by another party. Hemanth cautions her to cease placing blame on others for her own errors and begs her to stop shifting the blame. He brings Yuvan along with him and places the flute in the swing before leaving. Hemanth points the finger of blame at Banni for the shift that Yuvan has undergone. Banni inquires into Yuvan’s motivations, wanting to know why he did it. Yuvan says he wants to appear like Krishna Ji. Banni claims that you might take it in front of everyone, but it’s not you; therefore, tell me what happened. Banni receives high appreciation from Veer for her acting abilities. Banni stops him.

Banni confronts Yuvan with the fact that she is aware of the fact that he is incapable of painting and that he did not even wear the Moon emblem, and she asks him why he is placing the burden for the incident on himself when she is aware of these facts. Yuvan asserts that he is the naughty youth who was responsible for the theft. Palak seems tense. Viraj claims that you are trying to grant equal rights, thus therefore he should receive punishment as well. According to Banni, Yuvan is going to receive a punishment. Brinda makes an effort to prevent her from continuing.

Banni requests that they not become involved in the matter. She then hands Charmi the flute and instructs her to punish her as though she were Yuvan because the two of them are one. When Charmi is about to beat her up, Yuvan steps in and says that Banni didn’t do anything wrong, which prevents Charmi from beating her up. Banni presses Yuvan for an explanation, wanting to know why he is choosing to shoulder the responsibility for the theft. Yuvan lets go of her hand as she sees Manini. According to Banni, there is no trust in the relationship between us. She challenges Charmi to a fight by requesting that she be beaten. Charmi is victorious in the competition. Yuvan interrupts Banni and tells her that he does not appreciate her carrying out his sentence, adding that he does not want her to do so. They share a hug. Banni notices Palak is uptight.


Manini disguises herself as Yashoda and feeds Yuvan. Yuvan and Banni perform a dance together to the music of Radhe Shyam. Myra admits to Banni that it was Manini who suggested taking Yuvan to the planetarium in the first place. Banni is under the impression that this suggests that Yuvan was involved in some sort of incident there.

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