Banni Chow Home Delivery [29th November 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th November 2022 Written Update On

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th November 2022

In Banni Chow Home Delivery, Yuvan apologizing to Tulika. He says please forgive me if possible. Tulika says it’s fine, I know Kabir did it, and our doctor-patient relationship is fine. Yuvan thanks you for understanding this. Tulika tearfully leaves touching his wedding chain. Banni asks Yuvan to remember what happened on Shiv Ratri. Yuvan says that he doesn’t remember anything. Banni says it’s ok don’t worry I’ll make you an appointment with Dr. Sanjay. She leaves. Yuvan thinks we don’t have time and I’m afraid of Kabir.

Yuvan feels terrible and cries a lot. She says that I will never let a single tear fall in Banni’s eyes, that I cannot risk Banni’s life. He says that to make sure Banni is safe, he will do anything. Yuvan returns home and meets Hemant. She tells him that she wants to discuss something important with him. Hemant says yes, you can tell me.

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The next day, Brinda and Alapana blame each other. Alapana says that I remember how Vandana had listened to you before Shiv Ratri night, who knows, maybe because of your spite, you can kill her. Brinda says it was a little problem. Hemant arrives there, asks them to stop arguing and calls them near the dinner table saying that Yuvan wants to tell us all about an important decision.

Yuvan helps Banni tie up his hair. Banny smiles. She prepares. Yuvan says this bindi suits you so wear it every day. She asks him to force her to wear it every day. Yuvan looks surprised. Banni asks him to tell him what happened while he looks distraught. Yuvan says that everything is fine. Banni says that he has booked his appointment with Sanjay and he will help you out of the trauma, we will be happy together.

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Yuvan says that his happiness is important to him. He receives a call from Vishnu and tells him that he is on his way.  Banny agrees. Hug him. He asks me why you hugged me like you were saying goodbye. We will meet soon at the clinic. Yuvan agrees, then tearfully hugs her again. Banni asks if he’s okay. He lies to her that she is fine. Banni leaves. Yuvan calls Vishnu and thanks him for his help.

Yuvan reaches the hallway. He takes Devraj’s blessings. He tells Devraj that making his decision was important to me and to you, right? Charmi asks what she’s going to do. Hemant says let’s go Yuvan, it’s time to take the flight. Hemant remembers how Yuvan asked him to send him abroad for everyone’s safety. Charmi asks where is Banni?

If she knows Viraj she says Banni doesn’t know that’s why Yuvan sends her to her house so she can leave. Charmi asks how they can fool Banni. She calls Banni to tell him everything. The phone rings in the house. Myra says that Banni left her phone at home. Yuvan says that it is God’s wish and please take Banni away. Banni arrives there, which surprises everyone. He says that God united us and you want to break that bond?


Yuvan and Banni will go to the temple and ask Pandit if they have any photos related to the past Mahashivratri. Pandit tells Banni and Yuvan that they can check the Shiv Ratri celebration photos in the album. Banni and Yuvan view the photos hoping to get a clue as to the culprit. A person in a burqa uses a smoke bomb and escapes taking a photo album of Banni.

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