Banni Chow Home Delivery [2nd august 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery [2nd august 2022] Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is that Banni confronts Yuvan. She asks Devraj to take Yuvan. Raja arrives with a microphone and causes a commotion by displaying pictures of Banni and Yuvan. He then makes fun of Banni by having her repeat phrases that Yuvan had said. I am truly sorry, Banni, but while I acknowledge that I have slept with you in the past, I promise that it will not happen again. Banni inquiries as to whether or not he carried it out. According to Raja, he has spent the previous two days detained in jail. Banni slaps him.

Raja shares the video that Yuvan made with the people who live in the colony. Banni makes a fumbling attempt to throw their phones. The residents of the colony claim that Yuvan is to blame for everything that has transpired. They were successful in beating Yuvan. Banni, you need to tell them to stop saying that Yuvan is innocent. Raja claims that she may have been offered money to keep quiet about the situation.

The people of the colony inquire about the nature of Banni and Yuvan’s relationship, as well as the reason why Banni is attempting to save Yuvan. Banni asserts that they are friendly with one another. The people of the colony have informed you that they have come to the conclusion that you are exactly like your mother, and as a result, they will not allow you to stay in their location. They cause damage to items inside Banni’s home. Yuvan is the one who will accompany the driver, per Devraj’s instructions. Maamisa asks Devraj to talk with Banni. Banni makes several attempts to prevent the colony people from moving, but they are unsuccessful.

Both Manini and Hemant are watching the video that Yuvan posted on their respective phones. According to Manini, Banni was the one who captured Yuvan. Hemant assures me that I will be the one to drive Yuvan to London, so don’t you worry about that. Manini is concerned that if he takes them to London, she will be unable to carry out her plan. Banni pleaded with the individuals present to refrain from destroying the kitchen that belonged to her mother, but no one listened to her. Banni is clenching onto a box that has something to do with her mother very tightly. Devraj takes her inside. Yuvan escapes from Driver.

Banni assures Devraj that she will show everyone that she is innocent of the charges against her. Devraj claims that you are unable to prove it, just as you were unable to prove your mother’s innocence, and that these people will not let you live and that you are unable to fight them. Banni has been quoted as saying that she will fight. Devraj says you can’t. Banni inquires as to the means by which it can be stopped. According to Devraj, the perspective of this world on your relationship with Yuvan became skewed at some point. He makes a proposal to her in which he asks her to marry Yuvan.

Yuvan sustains an injury to his hand while attempting to salvage the photograph of Banni’s mother. Devraj has stated that he will put an end to everything by making the announcement that he chooses her to be Yuvan’s partner from the very beginning. Banni inquires about the characteristics of the girl he chooses to date. Devraj assures her that he will be able to handle it, as his ultimate goal has always been to make her Yuvan’s partner. Banni looks on. Devraj says that he has finally worked up the nerve to tell her about his desire, and he makes an effort to persuade her to marry Yuvan. Banni is thinking about what Yuvan said, and she realises that he possesses all of the qualities that she desires to have in her future husband.
Episode ends.


In summary, Yuvan tells Banni that he cannot bear to see her crying because it breaks his heart. The people of the colony make every effort to keep Banni and Yuvan apart and forbid either of them from holding hands with the other

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