Banni Chow Home Delivery [2nd September 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Manini confessing to Banni that she was able to change Yuvan’s heart by influencing him in just five minutes and that she went from being a new mother to being a mother in the same amount of time. It has been demonstrated that Manini plays the role of Vandana. Yuvan is curious as to why she resembles Manini so much and questions her about it. She claims that she does not have a physical body and that she will thus reside inside of Manini’s body. Yuvan agrees.

Manini tells Banni that she was able to change Yuvan in just five minutes, and that he now loves and cares for her more than he does for her, and that the promise you took from him, and the promise I took from him, is that he will not reveal to anyone else that she is his Vandana mother. Manini also says that Yuvan promised to keep that promise. Banni gets shocked. Banni claims that you sank to Yuvan’s level by doing Low, and she questions how you can play with Yuvan’s sentiments. Manini claims that she is showing Yuvan the same level of love and affection that she does to him, and that Yuvan is willing to sacrifice anything for his mother.

Yuvan climbs a human ladder to break Dahi handi. Banni asserts that you began this play with the intention of acquiring Yuvan’s property, but you failed to take into account the presence of another player in your line of sight. She claims that she is Yuvan’s wife and that she will tell him the truth about how his stepmother cheated on him. She says that she will tell him the truth when she sees him next. Manini has suggested that both she and I accompany you to Yuvan’s house so that we may both reveal the truth to him. Banni stands stunned. Manini beckons Banni to follow her while she firmly grasps the woman’s hand and extends the invitation.

When Devraj sees Yuvan, he gets a nervous feeling and asks why Yuvan went climbing up the pyramid. Yuvan is under the impression that Mom has mentioned that Banni will cheer him if he manages to shatter the pot. Banni Manini is told by Manini that Yuvan is putting his life in danger in order to obey his mother’s command. Manini asks Banni how he can be made to go against his mother. Banni sees Yuvan ascending the Dahi handi human pyramid, and he immediately races after him to stop him. Devraj observes Manini in Vandana saree. According to Manini, the unyielding nature of Yuvan prompted her to prepare herself in the same manner as Vandana.

Banni is concerned that Yuvan will get unbalanced if I climb up, and she is considering her options in the meanwhile. When she sees Manini, she feels an overwhelming sense of rage. She shatters the coconut, and she reassures Yuvan that he is capable of completing the task by telling him that he can do it. She also requests that he not look downstairs. When he asks, “Will you become like Lord Krishna?” your response should be “Right.” Banni nods her head in assent and politely requests that he concentrate. Hosanna to the Supreme Lord Krishna! Manini looks on. Yuvan climbs to the pinnacle of the pyramid and knocks the pot to the ground. Manini seems disappointed. Everyone is rooting for Yuvan to succeed. Yuvan toppled to the ground after losing his footing.


Banni will tell Devraj that Manini told Yuvan that she is Vandana’s mother and that she demonstrated it to Yuvan in many ways, and that we don’t have to expose the truth to Yuvaan, but we will have to show it to him instead. After some time has passed, Yuvan reveals to Banni that his mother has promised him that if he is able to complete one hundred and one revolutions around the holy basil, then Banni would get better soon. He does it. Banni believes that if everyone participates, she will eventually feel better. Everyone gets behind him. Banni promises Manini that she would give her double the amount of pain that she has already caused her.

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