Banni Chow Home Delivery [31st August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 31st August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Banni grinding spices while contemplating the fact that she only has twenty-four hours to discover the truth. It sounds as though she is hearing something. After going out, she returns home to find a message from Banni saying she is sorry. Yuvan makes his way there to confront her and offer his apologies. Banni claims that she has an overwhelming amount of work. Yuvan believes that he is unable to share the secret that he and his mother have been keeping from each other with his mother. He explains to her that he did not consume any food because she did not consume any food herself. He tells you that he is aware that you are upset, but that it is not healthy to let your emotions show on your meals. Banni gives a friendly smile and suggests that we eat some meal together. Yuvan smiles. They take pleasure in sharing meals and providing for one another.

Myra overhears Palak telling her that Banni was a total jerk to her mother today because of me and that it was all due of Banni. Myra encourages her to look on the bright side, and there is no longer any anxiety around the possibility of being discovered once the truth is revealed. The consensus, according to Palak, is that everyone is upset with her. Banni shows up there with coffee for them, and she offers her assistance at the same time. The information provided by Palak indicates that they do not require her assistance. Banni leaves.

Myra follows Banni and tells her that she is feeling awful about the incident that occurred today but that Yuvan is correct in saying that “mom didn’t do anything and she is changed,” and that she wants Banni to know that it was Manini’s idea to take Yuvan to the planetarium. Banni wants to know if Manini came up with the concept of the planetarium all on his own. Myra agrees. Myra is given the instruction by Banni to get everything ready. Banni is under the impression that this suggests that Yuvan was involved in some sort of incident there. Banni appeals to Krishna Ji for assistance, telling him, “Please assist me for the sake of the laddu’s that I have offered.” Because Banni has something to prove to you about her intelligence tomorrow.

The preparations for the subsequent Banni are underway. Yuvan pays a visit to Banni and tells her that they do a wonderful job of complementing one another in their matching clothes. He tells her that he can’t wait until he sees Dahi handi walking down her street. Banni has stated that she takes great pleasure in doing so. Yuvan has informed her that he will applaud her success if she is successful in breaking the pot. Banni reassures him that she will prepare some food for him and brings the pot. When Manini arrives, he inquires of Yuvan as to whether or not he is prepared. Yuvan informs Banni that he is prepared while wearing attire that Banni finds appealing.

Yuvan receives the following instruction from Manini: “I want you to wear this red.” Kurta is something that we are able to coordinate with one another, and she shows him the moon that she embroidered onto a shirt for him. Banni suggests to Yuvan that he should wear the shirt that Manini has selected by noting that their hearts are connected. Yuvan agrees. He inquires of Manini as to whether or not they are able to attend the Dahi Handi event that is taking place in the neighbourhood of Banni. Manini agrees. Manini spots Banni and immediately begins to ruminate on the reasons why she has the impression that Banni is plotting something malicious against her when they are in Dahi Handi.

Yuvan and the rest of his family have arrived at the Dahi Handi event. Manini finds out through Palak that Hemanth has already gone for Bangalore without having a conversation with her. Manini cautions her to steer clear of making the same mistake again and reveals that she discussed the matter with her mother. The quest for Banni continues with Yuvan and Devraj. During this period, Banni will visit the location to promote the sponsors. Devraj praises Banni’s suggestion. Manini steps aside to respond to Hemanth’s call for assistance. Banni reports that the jeweller is willing to pay them between two and three lakh rupees if Rathod’s daughter-in-law is willing to promote them.

Banni asks Charmi and Viraj if they are interested in participating in the activity. Viraj rejects. Banni recounts the moment when she was informed that they required two to three lakhs. Vishnu is the one who makes the call. Charmi is told by Banni that if she promotes, Banni will ensure that she receives a salary of four lakhs. Charmi goes to see Viraj and puts a lot of pressure on him to agree to advertise the jewels so that they may keep their reputation in the wedding of her relative. Banni is aware of their presence, and she believes that this is the day that she will reveal the truth.


Banni says that he won’t give clothes to Viraj and Charmi unless they tell him what happens to Yuvan in the planetarium. Viraj inquires about the status of his mobile device and requests that she check it out. Manini removes the cell phone from her and then questions her about what she knows.

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