Banni Chow Home Delivery [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd December 2022

In Banni Chow Home Delivery, Alapana asking Banni why he doesn’t want them to remove the mannequin. Banni says Culprit got me a photo album at the temple and now this statue will become a means of catching the culprit. Later Yuvan plays guitar. He holds it aside in tears.

Banni comes there and asks what happened, what are you doing here because tomorrow is your finale and it’s cold here which is not good for you. Yuvan says he doesn’t want to go anywhere in tears. He hugs her. He says her mother is good and she never hurt anyone, but she was killed by someone and I wanted to confront the culprit about why she did it.

Banni says you were a child before so you are helpless but now you have this chance to get justice for your mother and now we are doing it and we will find him and punish him for killing your mother. Hemanth listens to their conversation. Yuvan asks how they can catch the culprit. Banni tells Yuvan that she had gone to meet the police and asked them for a forensic team to take fingerprints from the dummy.

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Hemanth smiles and says that Banni has made a good plan but he won’t let her plan. Yuvan says he wants to catch the culprit quickly. Banni says it will happen and you have to win the competition to make me and your mom proud. She asks him to play the violin. He plays the violin for her. Banni prays for Yuvan’s speedy recovery. Yuvan dances with Banni and impresses her with her song. Tulika cries seeing Yuvan and Banni from the window. Yuvan kisses Banni. Banni feels shy and leaves.

The next morning, Banni feeds Yuvan a sweet curd. Devraj comes there and tells Yuvan that he will surely win the competition. Myra says she’s confident and she ordered some sweets too. Hemanth asks Yuvan to give his all by forgetting everything. Banni says he’ll come in and come in. Yuvan tells her that he will be waiting for her by the car. Hemanth calls Tulika in different voice and tells her that Kabir is back so please come before she loses control.

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Tulika agrees and runs out. Hemanth thinks that Kabir will come out and foil Banni’s plan. On another side, Banni secretly places the camera in a vase in front of Vandana’s statue to keep the statue safe from the culprit until the forensic team arrives. Tulika drives home.

She sees Yuvan turning the keys and hears that Kabir is back. Yuvan enters to take her violin. Tulika comes there and calls Kabir. Veer stops Tulika and tells her that he is Yuvan but she didn’t listen so Veer pushes her. Seeing Tulika’s pain, Kabir comes out. Kabir takes the vase to hurt Veer.

Banni asks him to stop but Kabir doesn’t listen. Banni hugs Yuvan tightly and she did as per the doctor’s advice. She tells him that Tulika and she are fine. Yuvan comes out. Hemanth feels let down. Banni makes Yuvan drink water. She says you’re okay, are you okay? Yuvan asks if Kabir is coming out.

She asks Tulika why she came before him without listening to her request. Tulika says she received a call for help stating that Kabir is going out. Banni says the culprit is doing it and one of you is guilty and that person doesn’t want us to find him.


Yuvan will be waiting for Banni in the rock star contest. The manager will tell Yuvan that we don’t have much time and that your entry will be shortly. Banni meets with an accident as she meets Yuvan. Yuvan senses that Banni has a problem.

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