Banni Chow Home Delivery [4th august 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery [4th august 2022] Written Update on

The first thing that happens in this episode is Banni announcing that she is going to marry Yuvan and admonishing the other Basti people not to touch Yuvan. Devraj and Maamisa feel happy. Raja claims that she is only trying to protect Yuvan by telling a lie and that she and Yuvan are just lovers. Devraj warns him to treat Banni with respect because she is going to be Rathod’s daughter-in-law, and the two of us consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have gotten her.

He cautions Viraj and the others to exercise extreme caution because pointing the finger at Banni is equivalent to pointing the finger at Rathod’s family. He asks Viraj and the others to listen to this warning. He makes the announcement that he will perform the marriage ceremony between Banni and Yuvan right now, in their presence. Yuvan says Dadu. Devraj prompts him to continue his thoughts by asking him to finish his sentence. They receive an invitation from Devraj to Yuvan and Manini’s wedding and are encouraged to attend. Vishnu looks unhappy. Viraj claims that Manini will not agree to allow this marriage to take place. It is his intention to bring her with him.

When Banni is finished, she brings the carriages into the kitchen. Banni is asked by Vishnu why she is marrying a mentally unstable man, and Vishnu responds by saying that this is the first time that he has witnessed her being defeated. Yuvan loves me a lot, according to Banni, and she reportedly asked me to marry someone who loves me before she passed away. Vishnu advises her not to make her life more difficult by marrying him because he knows that she will eventually find a good husband.

Banni has told me that I might get a good husband, but she doesn’t know if Yuvan will get Banni or not, so she says that it’s a decision for both of us, and that I will become a relief for Yuvan. Vishnu has informed her that she will be completely alone in that location. Banni affirms that Devraj, Sulekha, and Yuvan will stand by her side. Banni speaks highly of the love and care that Yuvan has shown to her. She reassures Vishnu that she is blessed with good fortune.

Yuvan is reminded that his mother will become upset with him if he breaks a promise that he has made to her. The videographer stops recording and sets the camera, which is still on, to the side. Banni says Yuvan will never leave me like my Dad left my mom. Yuvan explains to Devraj that he is unable to marry Banni as a result of the promise he made.

Devraj gives you a friendly smile and says that he is sure your mother will be pleased with this marriage. Yuvan gives a pleasant smile, but he explains that he is unable to get married. Videos get recorded. If Banni decides to back out of this marriage, according to Devraj, he will have to face problems. He assures him that his mother will not be angry with him for breaking his promise and tells him that he is free to break his promise as he is telling him.

If you marry Vishnu, he will make you fight for him at every moment of your life. According to Banni, every relationship has its ups and downs, and adjusting to his family takes a little bit of time. Vishnu encourages her to use her intellect and think about what he’s saying. Banni reveals to him that she has made the decision to marry Yuvan based on what her heart desires. Yuvan confronts Dadu with the question of whether or not he has informed his mother. Devraj agrees and tells her mom. Yuvan feels happy. Devraj requests that the decorators get the location ready as quickly as possible. Banni places a phone call to Devraj and informs him that she is unable to proceed with the marriage.

Episode ends.


In the following scene, Yuvan will stand up and joyfully take Banni’s hand in his. It will be Veer’s responsibility to let Manini know that Devraj is arranging for Banni to wed Yuvan. She asks him to call off the wedding for the next two hours until they have arrived at their destination. Veer warns that he will set fire to the colony if the marriage is allowed to take place.

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