Banni Chow Home Delivery [5th August 2022] Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery [5th August 2022] Written Update on

Banni tells Devraj that she will not marry Yuvan until she identifies the person who took and spread the fake intimate photos of her and Yuvan and brings him or her to justice. Banni and Yuvan’s fake photos of themselves together have been circulating online. Devraj makes an attempt to shed some light on the situation. She claims that he does not understand that her mother’s dream was for her to marry him, and that her mother would suffer greatly if she did marry someone with a spot on her reputation. After she has left, Devraj scolds Mamusa and Mamisa for their heinous act of circulating Banni and Yuvan’s picture and says the situation is getting out of control. Banni will not spare Mamisa, according to Mamisa, if she admits that she was the one who distributed the photos. Before Devraj’s family arrives, Devraj advises him to finalise the wedding plans between Banni and Yuvan.

As a family, Veer arrives at the basti or neighbourhood of Banni. Viraj breaks the news to him that Devraj is arranging a marriage between Yuvan and Banni. Manini is provided with the same information by Veer. Manini tells Devraj that he does not have the authority to act in such a manner, and she requests that he put an end to the wedding for two and a half to three hours until she arrives. Banni has a conversation with Vishnu about how she doesn’t believe that the goon Raja can spread the photos because he wasn’t present in the temple, and she wonders who else can do that. Yuvan approaches Banni in person and inquires as to whether or not she is experiencing any tension. Vishnu tells Banni that she should talk to Yuvan about the issue so that they can find a solution to it, and then he leaves. Yuvan claims that he watched a movie in which the married couple shared everything, and since that was the case, he thinks that she should be able to give him her share of the tension. According to her, he spends a lot of time watching movies. He gets on his knees and, using SRK’s lines, professes his love for her. It seems as though she has a timid disposition.

Vivan asks her problem. She explains that she is interested in finding out who shared their photograph with others. According to Yuvan, a person who makes mistakes will experience feelings of anxiety and will make efforts to conceal those feelings. According to Banni, he managed to get his tension under control. She gathers basti people and says that she will find out who circulated the picture via her techie friend who will find out the source of the information. Mamisa’s anxiety levels rise, so she asks Devraj to keep Banni occupied so that she can bribe poor techie and get him to keep quiet. She gives Devraj the ultimatum that if he does not comply, she will place the blame on him. Devraj stands shocked.

Manini goes into a panic and tells Hemant that Devraj is unable to decide the future of their son. She then prays to god, asking him to understand why she is against Yuvan marrying Banni and to assist her. Mamisa approaches techie and offers him a bribe to keep quiet about the situation and point the finger elsewhere. The techie just stands there in shock and takes the money. When Veer and his team arrived at Banni’s house, they issued a threat to Devraj, telling him that he must not even consider marrying Yuvan off to a low-income caterer like Banni. Banni is warned not to disturb Veer until Manini arrives at his home lest the former make good his threat to destroy it. Banni is left devastated after receiving a video of Mamisa’s confession from techie. Mamisa has now returned, and she reports that she has identified the person responsible for circulating her video. Banni takes out a knife and requests that Banni kill her rather than assassinate her character. Banni agrees.


To recap, Banni and Yuvan, now dressed as the bride and groom, begin the wedding ceremonies. Manini arrives at Banni’s home with the thought that she will prevent this marriage from taking place.

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